faculty senate
The Faculty Handbook has been assembled as a working document and reference to answer questions, help you locate services, and provide answers or point you in the direction of hopefully finding the answer to your question.

We have included procedures relative to operational issues, policies that affect you as an instructor, guidelines to campus services that assist students and faculty, phone numbers and names of individuals and/or offices. This is a working document and will be updated as new policy refinements are implemented, services modified or added, operational procedures modified, and/or organizational changes effected. Every effort will be made to keep the handbook as current as possible.

We want to especially thank those individuals who responded to our innumerable phone calls and requests for information to make this handbook possible. Special appreciation and thanks are given to our former Administrative Assistant, Donna Walker, for her efforts and work in the researching and reworking of the Faculty Handbook.

The Faculty Handbook has been produced through your Faculty Senate.

Misty Burruel
Faculty Senate President

This handbook is provided for the use and convenience of faculty and staff of the Chaffey Community College District only. The contents are not intended to be final or binding upon the governing board or the administration of the district. This handbook is not intended to be an official publication of the policies, procedures or statements included herein, or of any official policy, procedure or regulation of the district.

The district reserves the right to amend its policies, procedures, regulations, and collective bargaining agreements at any time. The contents of this handbook do not supersede the official policies, procedures, collective bargaining agreements or regulations of the district, nor do the contents supersede the laws of the state of california or the regulations promulgated by the State Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges.