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COLLEGE SERVICES - Sections in Alphabetical Order:


Michael Alexander Campus Center, Room 205 (MACC-205-above the cafeteria)
Coordinator, Diana Sanchez, Ext. 6352, diana.sanchez@chaffey.edu
Information 909.652-6349
www.chaffey.edu/eops/index.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one)

Hours (page will open in a new window above this one)

EOPS is a state-funded program intended to provide support services to financially and educationally disadvantaged students.

Program participants are eligible for:
• Foster Youth Specialized Counseling Services
• Counseling - Our counseling team offers academic and limited personal counseling priority registration
• Priority Registration
• Orientation to College Class
• Cultural Awareness Activities
• Book Service to assist in purchasing textbooks for classes
• Book Rentals
• Transportation Assistance

Additional services and benefits are available for EOPS students who are single parents with young children dependent on public assistance through the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) Program.

Further information and eligibility requirements for both EOPS and CARE may be obtained from the EOPS Office.

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Student Services Administration (SSA) Building, Room 104
Director, Patricia Bopko, Extension 6150, email: patricia.bopko@chaffey.edu
909/652-6199 - financialaid@chaffey.edu

https://www.chaffey.edu/finaid (page will open in a new window above this one)

Rancho Campus

Hours (page will open in a new window above this one)

Students can be directed to their Financial Aid Advisors by calling (909) 652-6199

Chino Campus
13106 Central Avenue, Chino, CA 91710—(909) 652-8140


Fontana Center
16855 Merrill Ave, Fontana, CA 92335—(909) 652-7417


The Financial Aid Office administers a number of programs designed to help students with limited resources meet their educational expenses. Programs include enrollment fee waivers, grants, scholarships, Federal Work Study, and loans.

To apply for financial aid, students will need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available online at www.fafsa.ed.gov (page will open in a new window above this one). Chaffey College’s federal school code is 001163.

Financial Aid Programs (page will open in a new window above this one)

Frequently Asked Questions (page will open in a new window above this one)

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Michael Alexander Campus Center, Room 202 (MACC-202, above the Cafeteria)
Director, Kay Peek, Ext. 6331, kay.peek@chaffey.edu
Administrative Assistant II, Sadie Anderson, Ext. 6331, sadie.anderson@chaffey.edu
www.chaffey.edu/health_services/index.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one)


The Student Health Services staff consists of medical doctors, registered nurses;psychological counselors, and an administrative assistant II. These professionals are available to assist the students with any health problems. Appointments are preferred, but students may be seen on a walk-in basis.

Work-Related Injury/Illness
Please observe the following procedure:

• Report injury/illness to supervisor immediately (Supervisor's Report of Accident/Injury/ Illness).

Life Threatening - Follow these steps:
• From any campus phone: push the Campus Police button or dial 6911 (this will notify Campus Police and Student Heealth Services).
• From a cell phone call 911 and call (909) 652-6911 (this will alert Campus Police and Student Health Services).
• After the above step is completed follow the steps below.

Non-Life Threatening - Follow these steps:
• The employee and Supervisor must call Company Nurse on Call (888) 375-0280. They will advise on how to proceed; designated physicians are no longer used.
  • Company Nurse on Call Injury Reporting Procedures (printable pdf document)

  • Company Nurse on Call Injury Reporting Procedures for Students (printable pdf document)

  • Company Nurse on Call Frequently Asked Questions (printable pdf document)

  • Company Nurse on Call Website: www.companynurse.com (page will open in a new window above this one)

Student Health Services also provides the faculty with the following services:

• Blood pressure screening, emergency first-aid, over-the-counter medication, and brochures on health related topics at no charge.
• TB skin testing for a fee of $20.00 for staff ($5.00 for students)
• Video tapes and brochures on major health issues such as (AIDS, hepatitis, smoking cessation, etc)

Services (page will open in a new window above this one)

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The mission of Information Technology Services is to provide an optimal level of current technology for the district through leadership, direction, planning, services and support which promotes and facilitates the use and integration of technology for all academic and administrative requirements.

Help Desk Support (909) 652-6789

Department Web Page
The Information Technology Services department web page is located at is.chaffey.edu (page will open in a new window above this one) on the Chaffey intranet (this can only be accessed from on campus or from a remote location on the Chaffey network). This page includes links to documentation, helpful hints, standard equipment and much more.

District Network and Computer Use Procedure
This procedure can be located at www.chaffey.edu/intnetpol.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one). If you have any questions, please contact the Vice President of Administrative Affairs at (909) 652-6780 or the Director of Technical Services at (909) 652-6453.

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Office Located AD - 109
Jim Fillpot , Interim Dean, (909) 652-6460, jim.fillpot@chaffey.edu
Giovanni Sosa, Research Analyst, 652-6464, giovanni.sosa@chaffey.edu
Danielle Pearson, Research Analyst, 652-6471, danielle.pearson@chaffey.edu
Elisa Lewis, Researcher, Special Projects, 652-6459, elisa.lewis@chaffey.edu
Deidrey Feeney, Research & Policy Specialist, 652-6462, deidrey.feeney@chaffey.edu
Elizabeth Chhay, Program Assistant, 652-6465, elizabeth.chhay@chaffey.edu
Website: www.chaffey.edu/research/index.html (page will open in a new window above this one)

The Institutional Research Office provides useful and "user-friendly" data, reports and presentations to Chaffey College administrative staff, faculty and students. The office provides data and information relevant to:
  •  short- and long-range planning and decision-making  
  •  institutional effectiveness and accountability
  •  student learning outcomes and student success
  •  program and services review
  •  federal and state-mandated reporting

2012-13 New Faculty Orientation Presentation: Who We Educate: What We Know About Chaffey College Students (printable pdf document)
Presented by Jim Fillpot, Institutional Research

New Faculty Orientation Presentation: What We Know About Chaffey College Students (printable pdf document)
Presented by: Chaffey College Office of Institutional Research
Friday, September 12, 2008

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cubes: A Quick (and Hopefully Easy!) Q-and-A Guide (printable PDF document)

Data & Information System at Chaffey (DISC) (printable PDF document)

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New Faculty Orientation Program
The New Faculty Orientation Program is a semester-long program of weekly orientation sessions held in the fall required for new full-time faculty members as part of their regular workload. This program is structured to assist new faculty in gaining a broad view of the college mission, understanding their role as a faculty member, and enabling them to become more knowledgeable about the College, our programs, students as well as operations and services. Participation in this program provides new faculty opportunities for experiences and enhanced relationships with colleagues and administration outside of their department/discipline and school.

New Faculty Orientation Session Agenda (printable pdf document)

New Faculty Orientation Session Agenda (printable pdf document)

New Faculty Orientation Session Agenda (printable pdf document)

New Faculty Orientation Session Agenda (printable pdf document)

New Faculty Orientation Session Agenda (printable pdf document)

New Faculty Orientation Evaluation Results (printable pdf document)

Presentation Materials
What We Know About Chaffey College Students (2012-13) - Presented by Institutional Research (printable pdf document)

What We Know About Chaffey College Students (2008-09) - Presented by Institutional Research (printable pdf document)

Ethics Across the Curriculum Workshop (October 31, 2008) - Presented by Emily Avila and Ryan Falcioni (printable pdf document)

The Nitty Gritty of College Success - Presented by Greg Creel (printable pdf document)

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Campus Center East, Room 123
Hours (page will open in a new window above this one)
Saba Kazmi, Interim, Director, (909) 652-6193, saba.kazmi@chaffey.edu
Sonia Torres, Interim Coordinator, (909) 652-6195, sonia.torres@chaffey.edu
Website: www.chaffey.edu/international/index.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one)

The primary mission of the International Student Office is to provide a comprehensive program for citizens of foreign countries who wish to study in the United States, specifically Chaffey College. Toward that end, the staff provides information to prospective students; assists with the application and admissions processes in accordance with applicable federal laws and college policies; provides resources and referrals as needed; plans activities to address the needs of international students from a variety of countries and cultures; and complies with immigration reporting and recordkeeping requirements. In addition, the International Student Program has the unique opportunity to contribute to the educational enrichment of all Chaffey students, foster greater appreciation and understanding of world cultures and help to prepare all students to function in a more global society.

F-1 (student) visa/immigration advising; application and admission assistance; orientation; academic counseling and career development (via Counseling faculty); housing/home stay referrals; employment/practical training information and assistance; social security and drivers’ license information; transfer assistance; medical insurance (required), other assistance as needed.

Annual International Education Week celebration
Holiday luncheon for international students
Lunar New-Year Celebration
Spring Luncheon/Graduation reception
Chaffey game/field trip/other activities as resources permit

Faculty Note
Chaffey has an average of 200 international students representing 50 different countries. An important goal of the program is to foster intercultural exchange; toward that end the staff appreciates the College’s support and welcomes suggestions for activities that will promote learning opportunities for the entire campus community.

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As a member of Chaffey's Faculty, you are entitled to participate in a number of special services. The following is the list of those services:

Athletic Events
Athletic Department, 652-6290
www.chaffey.edu/ath-pe/index.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one)
• Chaffey College has a very vigorous athletic schedule with sports that include football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, swimming, water polo, and softball, track & field, and soccer.
• Schedules are available in the athletic office.

Music and Theatre
Theatre Box Office, 941-2425
www.chaffey.edu/theatre/index.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one)
• Chaffey College has excellent music and theatre arts programs.
• Each year is marked with an array of fine concerts, theatrical performances from classical to modern, small chamber and ensemble productions, and musical theatre.

Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art
Curator, Rebecca Trawick, Ext. 6493, rebecca.trawick@chaffey.edu
Assistant Curator, Roman Stollenwerk, Ext. 6490, roman.stollenwerk@chaffey.edu
www.chaffey.edu/wignall (page will open in a new window above this one)

• The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicated to presenting innovative exhibitions and programs that reflect the scope and diversity of the art of our time. Nationally, internationally and locally-recognized artists are featured in exhibitions.
• A vital component of the academic and cultural life of the Chaffey Community College District, the Wignall aspires to engage broad and diverse audiences, create a sense of community, and provide a place for contemplation, stimulation, and discussion of contemporary art and the questions that shape and inspire us as individuals, cultures, and communities.
• The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art presents four to five exhibitions a year. Our exhibition space is approximately 2,500 square feet and is fully equipped with a flexible wall system.
• Adjoining the gallery building is an enclosed 2,500 square foot patio which provides a venue for outdoor installations, performances and receptions. Please contact the Wignall to make a reservation for your event.
• In addition to the annual exhibition schedule, the Wignall Gallery presents lectures, performances, and educational programming for adults, families and children.
• The Wignall is your visual library, where you can see firsthand a variety of contemporary artistic expressions examining timely and relevant topics. For students taking art classes the art works seen at the Wignall may act as a catalyst for your own creative investigations. The Wignall’s exhibitions allow for direct engagement with art objects, enhancing your classroom experience of primarily photographic reproductions of art works. The goal of all of our exhibitions and programs is to enhance the academic experience of all Chaffey students and faculty.
• Feel free to bring your students to the Wignall during exhibitions for tours. Guided tours can be arranged by calling the Wignall. All events are free and open to the public.

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Campus Center East, Across from Cafeteria
Director, Vacant
Administrative Assistant, Sonia Juarez, Ext. 6589, sonia.juarez@chaffey.edu
www.chaffey.edu/stuactiv/index.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one)

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Student Activities provides students with an opportunity for educational experience in addition to the classroom. Student services include information on all clubs/student organizations, housing bulletin board, and information on cultural events on campus activities, offices for student government, food pantry, community partnerships, student elections, and Commencement. The Student Activities Office is located in Campus Center East next to the Bookstore and the International Office.

Annually the ASCC funds $90,000 - $100,000 in book grants to students to assist their academic journey. These grants are awarded at the beginning of each term. Additionally this spring semester the ASCC funds $100,000 in competitive scholarships. The list is available the week before winter break and is also available on-line. The application period is mid-December through March. Please call for specific time lines for each year. The applications are on-line; however, the scholarship package must be submitted in person at one of the three campuses..

The student lounge is perfect for study groups and social interaction. Faculty are able to bring classes in to this area if other programming is not scheduled.

Please stop by or call if you need information on clubs, lectures, and cultural celebrations. Student Activities hosts a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to benefit student’s on-campus and community partnerships.

For example:
•“Night with Santa” new toy drive for in-need Chaffey student-parents and their families. Occurs annually in December.
• Annual Scholarship Program in May benefiting all Chaffey students.
• Monthly Food Pantry
• United Way School Tools

Get involved – come to a lecture, give us your input!
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