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The Chaffey College Bookstore is a non-profit, self-supporting, auxiliary service operation that serves the diverse students, faculty, staff, and campus community.  The primary purpose of the bookstore is to support the mission of the college; provide a cost-effective and efficient source for students to obtain the necessary tools of education, such as textbooks, technical tools, office supplies and course supplies; strive to lower textbook costs for students with used books, e-books, textbook buyback, and rentals; and support the campus community.

Bookstore websitehttp:// books.chaffey.edu:
• General information including business hours, special hours during the first two (2) weeks of school, buyback
• Submit textbook requisitions online
• Student textbook purchases and rentals
• Look up and verify textbooks required for your courses
• Look up and compare textbook prices from a variety of online sellers
• Look up buyback prices bookstore is paying students for your courses
• Information on various store programs
• Shop for clothing and insignia items, discounted software and tickets, and more

Bookstore Locations
The Rancho Campus Bookstore is located in Campus Center East, across from the dining Commons. The phone number is 909-652-6577. The Chino Bookstore is located at the Chino Campus-College Park (909-652-7754). The Fontana Bookstore is located at the Fontana Academic Center (909-652-7410). Important Note:  All bookstore locations are open all year. Each bookstore provides textbooks only for courses offered at that campus. Food, beverage, insignia, and supply items may also vary by location.

Services at the Rancho Campus Bookstore
• Discounted amusement park and movie passes
• US First Class Postage Stamps may be purchased by the book
• Fax incoming or outgoing, $1.00 per page
• Mailing services at cost
• E-waste recycling

Textbook Department
Buyer - Sylvia Martrinez, Ext. 6568
Assistant Buyer - Tara Johnson, Ext. 6578
Textbook and Materials Adoption Process Guidelines--Approved by Faculty Senate November 2006
1.  Faculty should consider all means to control (reduce) the cost of textbooks and materials that do not compromise academic freedom or educational quality, such as:
• Requiring net cost (not list) information from publisher's representatives and maximizing faculty awareness of exact costs;
• Consider all available options for textbooks and course materials including using paperback versus hardback; inform students why book was chosen for the class such as: content,  new edition, cost, study aids.
• Guaranteeing minimum length of time that a text (and edition) will be used and work with bookstore to maintain old edition when educationally sound;
• Explore alternatives to automatic bundling, consider bundle parts separately and determine if bundles add value for students; consider impact of bundling to buying back textbooks from students;
• Monitoring (and adhering to) bookstore requisition due dates to ensure best price and/or availability of used books and bookstore's ability to buyback textbooks from students;
• Consider price when adopting textbooks or bundles; work with both the bookstore and publisher when designing and adopting a bundle to insure that it is economically sound;
• Requiring a library copy from publisher representative; work with library regarding maintaining reserve and reference copies of textbooks; use library books in print online to determine soft or hardbound binding for adoption;
• Indicating to bookstore and students that a text is required only if it will actually be used otherwise indicate book is optional;
• Provide access to materials in public domain as well as free courseware; require publisher representative to review with faculty access code content and how presented on publisher links or course cartridge.

Textbook Ordering Procedures
Each term the Bookstore will notify faculty that the next term is open for submission of orders and the due date for requisitions.
• Orders may be submitted in 3 ways:
  1. Online: Click here.  For directions to submit an order online, click here for a printable pdf document. Directions are also located on Chaffey's 'Z' drive in the bookstore public folder.
  2. Fill out information on requested email requisition online and send to sender.
  3. Print out requested email and fill out information. Fax to Ext. 6576 or send requisition in campus mail to Bookstore Textbook Department.
• A Blank Requisition can be printed by clicking here for a printable pdf document or from the 'Z' drive (Bookstore/public folder). Fill out required information and fax or send in campus mail to the Bookstore Textbook Department. Important Note: All Language Arts requisitions are to be submitted to Mary Thomas.

• Information required to be filled out on form:
  Course Number
  Section Number (if available)
  Estimated Enrollment
  Edition, Year
  Required, Optional, Recommended
Forms must be signed by the instructor.
• To order textbooks or other instructional materials (e.g. student study guides, lab manuals), a Textbook Requisition Form must be completed and submitted to the bookstore.
Orders are then filled according to bookstore procedures and sales history.
To make arrangements for the bookstore to carry special supplies or other items for your class, fill out the required Supply Order Form (Document is also on the 'Z' Drive). Fill out the form and send to Dawn Hatfield in the Bookstore.  If you need to contact her, please call Ext. 6562.

As you know textbooks are expensive. The bookstore has outlined a few ways you can help lower costs to students:
Continue to use the same edition of the same book as long as you can. This allows the bookstore to supply used books at a significant savings to students. The bookstore will make every effort to obtain old edition books for your classes.
Turn in your textbook requisition early. When the bookstore knows you are re-using a book, it can be bought back from students, and increases the supply of used books at a less cost. Also new stock on hand will not be returned which helps keep costs down to students. Reordering books increases costs to students.
Work with the publishers representatives. Tell them you want to keep the costs down. The bookstore is happy to work with you and the representatives to ensure you get the book you want at the lowest possible price for students.

Instructional/Course Bookstore Packet
Packet and book requisition forms must be submitted each semester
Originals must be submitted to the bookstore when ordered the first time
See minor revision and major revision guidelines on packet form
Secure all copyright permissions if required
Packets are treated as textbooks with the bookstore as publisher

Late orders are processed accordingly and may not be available for the first day of instruction.

Requisitions submitted before buyback provides the bookstore the ability to purchase textbooks from students. This lowers the cost of textbooks to students and provides more used books for the next semester.
Chaffey College Bookstore pays up to 50% of new price, and we now offer buyback year-round.
Books having value to a wholesale company are also purchased at market value.

Complimentary Desk Copies
The acquisition of complimentary desk copies of textbooks adopted for classroom instruction is the responsibility of the instructor assigned to teach the course. Check with your coordinator for the process to acquire your complimentary desk copy.

Bookstore Textbook Programs, Additional Services/Programs, and Food Services (printable pdf document)

Faculty Senate Bookstore Presentation Spring 2015 (printable pdf document)

Faculty Senate Bookstore Presentation Spring 2014 (printable pdf document)

Faculty Senate Bookstore Presentation Spring 2013 (printable pdf document)

Faculty Senate Bookstore Presentation Spring 2012 (printable pdf document)

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Director, Birgit Monks, 909-652-6876, birgit.monks@chaffey.edu
Administrative Assistant, Paula Boroski, 909-652-6879, paula.boroski@chaffey.edu
Administrative Assistant, Denise Gomez, 909-652-6877, denise.gomez@chaffey.edu
Location: Northwest corner of Main Campus
www.chaffey.edu/childctr (page will open in a new window above this one)

The mission of the Chaffey College Child Development Center is to:
   • Provide high quality child care and educational experiences for children
   • Support parents in their educational and vocational goals
   • Facilitate the needs of Chaffey College students

The Center provides quality child care to children of Chaffey College students and, if space available, to college faculty, staff, and community.

The Child Development Center is fully licensed by the State of California and is staffed by outstanding professional and paraprofessional individuals. It has well rounded programs, emphasizing the educational, physical, and social development of children and instruction in effective parent-child interaction concepts and practices. Nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are provided.

Parents who are eligible for subsidized child care services according to the guidelines of the State Department of Education pay fees based on a sliding fee scale according to the gross income and number of children in the family. Information on fees for children of faculty, staff, and community is available upon request.

The Child Development Center welcomes all children without regard to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or physical limitations. The Center currently serves children ages 18 months through pre-school.

Application Forms

Application forms are available at the Child Development Center or on the college’s website www.chaffey.edu/childctr (page will open in a new window above this one).

Parents may apply for Child Development Center services prior to college registration.

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Campus Center East, Room 14
DPS Staff (page will open in a new window above this one)
General Office (909) 652-6379 or (909) 652-6380
Email:  dps.staff@chaffey.edu
www.chaffey.edu/DPS/index.html (page will open in a new window above this one)


• The Disability Programs and Services was established to provide support services for students with a variety of disabilities.
• Instructors suspecting a student could benefit from services provided should contact a Resource Specialist in the DP&S office and discuss the circumstances.
• The program has been designed to respond on an individual basis to students’ needs.
• DP&S is a support system designed to maximize the potential of students whose educational goals might otherwise be compromised.
• The primary focus is in helping students develop independent skills and knowledge.
• The services offered are designed to circumvent functional limitations.

Access in Instruction (page will open in a new window above this one)

Alternate Media (page will open in a new window above this one)

Assistive Technology (page will open in a new window above this one)

DPS Faculty Handbook Full Version - Abridged Version (printable pdf documents)

Getting Started (page will open in a new window above this one)

Frequently Asked Questions About Student with Disabilities (page will open in a new window above this one)

Learning Development Center (page will open in a new window above this one)

Legislation (page will open in a new window above this one)

Reasonable Accommodations (page will open in a new window above this one)

Services (page will open in a new window above this one)

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