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CLASSROOM PROCEDURES - Sections in Alphabetical Order:


Add Cards are no longer used for adding classes. If you have open seats available, provide students with an ADD CODE so they can register for classes online via MyChaffeyView. Add Codes expire at the end of the late registration period, so please do not issue any Add Codes after the last day to add.

Add/Drop Card (printable pdf document)

Add Codes Frequently Asked Questions (printable pdf document)

Best Practices for Issuing Add Codes (printable pdf document)

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• If a student does not drop or the instructor does not drop the student by the completion of 61% of the class time, the student must receive a grade other than ‘FW’.
• Please inform your students of this important regulation, preferably in writing on your class syllabus.
• Online grade submission will be available on or before the last day of instruction.
• Instructors must submit grades on time! An instruction memo will be sent by Admissions and Records/Cashier's Office to assist with the grade submission process.
• In order to give a student an Incomplete (I) or In Progress (IP), the instructor must complete the “I” contract form. This form is also available online on MyChaffeyVIEW and on the college Intranet. The student may not be re-enrolled in the course while the Incomplete is pending. If the Incomplete is not cleared within a year, the "I" grade is automatically converted to a final grade.

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Admissions Office
Student Services Administration (SSA) Building

Director, Admissions & Records, Kathy Lucero, Ext. 6620, e-mail: kathy.lucero@chaffey.edu

For all other issues, please refer to the online staff directory (page will open in a new window above this one).

The full Admissions/Cashier staff list is available at: www.chaffey.edu/admissions/contact.shtml (page will open in a new window above this one).

Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Friday 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Extended Hours available – See Schedule of Classes

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Title 5, section 55023(b) states that the use of "plus" and "minus" designations is allowed in combination with letter grades, except that the grade of C minus shall not be used. In order to adhere to Title 5 requirements, Chaffey College ceased using the minus designation on the C grade in 2000.

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You are required to report the number of students who are not attending your course from the first day of instruction through Wednesday of the third week of instruction for full-term courses. Census drops are submitted online via MyChaffeyView. You may submit your census through Sunday of the third week of instruction with Dean's approval. However, keep in mind that if you plan to enter census drops on Sunday, the system may be unavailable due to required maintenance. For Internet/online access to census reporting, go to www.chaffey.edu/chaffeyview. Choose the Faculty Link. Follow the messages for accessing your census online. You can also view your current class enrollment at this webpage.
• Issue a DNW (did not enter-web) for census reporting, if the student did not attend any of your class meetings by the deadline to submit your census.
• Issue an IDW (instructor drop-web) for census reporting, if the student is no longer attending your class. If you are certain about the student’s return to class, you can drop the student on the census and reinstate the student before 61% of the course.

Census Information Questions and Answers (page will open in a new window above this one
Census & Roll Sheet Frequently Asked Questions (printable pdf document)
Online/Internet Census Drops (page will open in a new window above this one)

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• The final decision to cancel a class section is usually made by the School Dean. In those cases requiring additional administrative judgment, the Vice President of Instruction will make the final decision.
• A scheduled class section may be cancelled because of low enrollment or other compelling reason after consultation with full-time faculty within the discipline. Some of the factors considered in the decision to cancel or not cancel a section are class size, program requirements for students, availability of identical sections, and the probability of combining low-enrolled sections.
• Classes with fewer than 17 students enrolled and attending are subject to cancellation for low enrollment.
• Cancellations may occur up to and including the last day of the second week of any regular term unless a variance is granted.
• Under normal circumstances, no classes shall be canceled after the last day of the second week of any regular term of instruction or after the third class meeting of the summer session.
• Summer session cancellation may occur up to and including the second class meeting.

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• Pursuant to the CCFA/District Agreement, class size is an administrative matter and shall be set in consultation with the appropriate faculty member(s) of the program or discipline.
• Minimum class size shall be 17 for all terms. Variances to the minimum class size are subject to approval by the administration and may occur when:
   • Late registration will add sufficiently to enrollment
   • Classes are needed for transfer
   • Classes are needed for completion of a certificate
   • There are a limited number of work stations
   • Persons with disabilities require reasonable accommodations
   • Scheduling errors occur
   • Classes are sequential
   • Classes are basic skills and remedial

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• Students can add courses online via MyChaffeyView using Add Codes. This can be done during the late registration period. They can also drop courses online. If the instructor accidentally dropped the student, he/she can request the student to be reinstated using an Add Card up to 61% of the class. In this case, the student signature is not required.
• Students cannot be added to 18-week classes after the end of thefirst Monday following the first day of instruction. For short-term classes, deadlines vary. For specific information and deadline dates, refer to the Schedule of Classes.
• Effective Fall semester 2009. When students drop classes on MyChaffeyVIEW during the W period, the system will automatically generate an e-mail to faculty letting them know that the student has dropped his/her class.

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Payment Deadline and Deregistration
Beginning May 17, 2010. Students are allowed 10 calendar days (including weekends and holidays) from the date of registration to submit payment in full. If payment is not received within 10 days, students will be dropped for non-payment. For example, if your registration occurs on May 17, your payment must be received before midnight on May 27. Students who do not meet the payment deadline will be deregistered. Payment charts are published in the Schedule of Classes.

Payment Options
Via MyChaffeyVIEW online
Electronic Check: To use this feature, go to the payment link on MyChaffeyVIEW, select Web Check and follow the instructions.
Via Mail:  Payments must be received, not postmarked, within 10 calendar days from registration.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Via Mail: Payments must be received, not postmarked, within 10 calendar days from date of registration.
In Person: During regular business hours.

Students can add to waitlists online via MyChaffeyView. The waitlist opens as soon as a class becomes full. When a seat becomes available, students will be notified and given permission to add via email, based on their rank on the waitlist. Permission to enroll in a waitlisted course expires after 3 days; once permission has expired, the student is dropped from the waitlist.

We encourage a 'best practice' of issuing Add Codes only after classes have begun in order to maintain the integrity of the waitlist process.

Waitllist Information FAQs (page will open in a new window above this one)

Waitlist Best Practices (printable pdf document)

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• Faculty Information, forms and other documentation are available on the Internet and on the College Intranet.
• For Internet/online access go to www.chaffey.edu/admissions/faculty/ (page will open in a new window above this one). Select the appropriate link for information and instructions.
• For Intranet/Z Drive Access (for PC Users only), go to the Start Button on your district computer desktop. Select the “My Computer” icon. Go to your Network Drives. Double click on “dfs on chaffey.edu-Z” icon. Double Click on the Admissions & Records Folder. Double click on the "Public" folder, then the Faculty Folder. Double click on the Term Folder (Summer, Fall or Spring). Choose your Folder and Documents.

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Field Trips
Maintenance & Operations Building
South of Football Stadium, Building on North side
Administrative Assistant, Dale Ann Davidson, Ext. 6720

Chaffey College supports the utilization of field trips to enhance the learning experiences of its students. Field trips provide a positive, concrete, first-hand experience of the concepts presented in the classroom environment. The major considerations for instructors who intend to utilize field trips are lodged in adequate planning, sufficient funding to support the experience, assurance of student and staff security, equity in student opportunity to participate, and sensitivity to institutional liability.

• Van drivers must be approved through DMV by the Transportation Office
• Copy your driver’s license and forward to Dale Ann Davidson, Maintenance & Operations
• Processing through Department of Motor Vehicles, Sacramento, takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Drivers must have approval from the Maintenance and Operations Department prior to driving a Chaffey College Vehicle. If a driver has not submitted their license to Maintenance and Operations in time for the records to be reviewed and approval given to drive, a report from DMV needs to be purchased for $5.00 from DMV (non-refundable) and turned into Maintenance and Operations for review.
• Complete a Field Trip Authorization and/or Transportation Request
• Obtain Dean/Administrator signature of approval
• Send approved Form #15 to Dale Davidson, Maintenance & Operations
• If student waiver is required (see Guidelines), forms must be signed prior to student participation and retained on file in School office.

Helpful Tips
• Field trips must be anticipated early in the academic year.
• All are prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Must be related to course requirements and details included in the syllabus.
• Effort should be made to schedule trips during usually assigned class time frame.
• Pre-excused absence for trip outside class time frame should be obtained from other classes.
• Clear trips requiring student funding through Dean to insure compliance with fees.
• Any travel outside California must have Governing Board approval prior to departure.
• Field trips near or during finals should be avoided.
• Transportation is available by passenger vans (5 or 9 occupants) or bus rental for large groups.

For accuracy and accountability upon year-end students will be dropped unless otherwise notified and Departments will need to resubmit information (staff excluded).

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What Title 5 Says About Grade Changes (printable pdf document)

Persons Responsible for Changing Grades (printable pdf document)

Two-Year Grade Change Policy (printable pdf document)

Grade Change Administrative Procedure (printable pdf document)

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• During the first week of classes, students may continue to register online for open classes. The instructor will need to provide Add Codes to students for closed classes.
• If a class is closed and students subsequently drop the class, the class will remain closed.
• The instructor will determine who will be added to the class by providing Add Codes to students so they can register online via MyChaffeyView.
Note: Add Codes expire on the last day to add.

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• The instructor will need to check the roll sheet online to determine the deadline date to add a student to the class.
•  If a class is closed and students subsequently drop the class, the class will remain closed.
• The instructor will determine who will be added to the class by providing students with an Add Code and advising students to register online via MyChaffeyVIEW prior to the established deadline to add.
Note: Add Codes expire on the last day to add.

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The number of times a student can withdraw from a course varies. Please refer to the Catalog or to the Schedule of Classes for detailed information on the withdrawal policy.

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• You can download roll sheets from MyChaffeyView (Roll sheets are no longer provided). Use the roll sheets to call student's names that are officially enrolled in your class.
• If space becomes available in your class, you can use the waitlist report to call student names in the order listed on the report. If a student from the waitlist is not present, continue to call the names in order until you fill the space.
• To add a student from the waitlist, issue an Add Code and give to the student to return to register online on MyChaffeyView prior to the last day to add. Students should be reminded that Add Codes are invalid after the last day to add. Please do not issue Add Codes after the last day to add.
• Positive attendance roll sheets will be sent to Admissions during grade collection.
• If students are not able to attend the first day of class, they can notify the instructor directly or through the deans' office but it is at the discretion of the instructor whether or not the student will be dropped from the class.

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Roll sheets are available online via MyChaffeyView. Paper copies are no longer provided.

Roll Sheet & Census Frequently Asked Questions (printable pdf document)

Roster (Roll Sheet) Information and Instructions (printable pdf document)

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• Students are responsible for completion of the required learning and assignments given in the classes.
• It is the instructor’s option to provide make-up quizzes, examinations, lectures or lab work missed due to absence.
• Students who find it necessary to be absent from class should be encouraged to make arrangements with the instructor, before the absence, to complete all assignments for the missed class.

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• Students are expected to attend classes for which they are enrolled.
• No college-wide policy exists relative to the minimum number of classes which the student must attend; however, instructors may develop specific policies and procedures related to participation for their individual classes.
• Policies and procedures should be distributed to students in writing at the beginning of the term. They may be incorporated into the course syllabus.

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