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EOPS graduation EOPS graduation EOPS graduation EOPS graduation EOPS graduation


Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

Services and Requirements

EOPS Front Desk

What Services does EOPS Offer?

  • Academic, Career and Limited Personal Counseling
  • Foster Youth Specialized Counseling Services
  • Priority Registration
  • Orientation to College Classes (Guidance 2)
  • Cultural Awareness Activities
  • Book Service to assist in purchasing textbooks for classes
  • Book rental option
  • Transportation Assistance

Eligibility Requirements

  • Meet Financial Requirement (receive one of the following):
    • BOGW A
    • BOGW B
    • BOGW Dream Act
  • Meet Academic Requirement (meet at least one of the following):
    • Have not earned a high school diploma nor the equivalent
    • High School GPA below 2.5
    • Have Chaffey College assessment test and scored into or completed any of the following foundational courses: ENG 675, 575, 475 or MATH 510, 520, 410
    • Have completed 500 series English or Math at Chaffey College or the equivalent at another college
    • Have completed remedial/foundational course work in high school or college
    • Have completed English as a second language courses (ESL) 
    • Be current or former foster youth
    • Be a first generation college student (First generation college student is a student whose parents or guardians have not completed a college degree e.g., Associates Degree).
    • Have less than 48 degree applicable units completed (students who have completed an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree are not eligible for the program)

Be a full time students (12 units or more) or prepared to enroll in full time status



Rev. 10/17/18

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