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Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

EOPS Scholars


The EOPS/CARE program is committed to providing a holistic and supportive approach in counseling to our former foster youth population. We strive to provide an open, understanding and structured program to assist our students with academic, career, and personal goals. Our hope is to connect our youth to support services for foster youth at Chaffey College and act as a liaison to these resources including community based services.

What are EOPS Scholars?

Chaffey College students who are full time, EOPS eligible and qualify as current or former foster youth under AB12.

Assembly Bill No. 194, Chapter 458, Code of Education, defines Foster Youth as a person who is currently in Foster Care. A "Former Foster Youth" is a person who is an emancipated Foster Youth.

Are you eligible for EOPS Scholars services? Student must meet EOPS eligibility and provide one of the following verification documents.

Proof of documentation can be any of the following documents:
  • Dependency Status Letter or County Ward of Court Verification letter from your social worker indicating your status in foster care from age 13 and onward. (Please make sure your dependency letter indicates the date past the age of 13 years old to qualify for EOPS and/or Independent Scholars Program).
  • Any documentation from a social worker or an ILP social worker stating your dependency status in foster care.
  • Any court documents indicating your full name and your dependency status in foster care beyond 13 and onward. (Age criteria for EOPS)
  • Transitional Conference or TILP (Transitional Independent Living Program) paperwork indicating your full name, date of birth, and your dependency status being in foster care from 13 and onward.
*Your ILP coordinator, After Care Service social worker, former social worker, probation officer, or the California Department of Social Services can verify your foster youth eligibility status.

What services do Extended Opportunity Program & Services Scholars receive?

Student will receive all EOPS benefits including the following support services curtailed to our Scholars.
  • Foster Youth specialized counseling services
  • Cultural awareness and life skills activities
  • Emergency supplies for hygiene, transportation and food (depending on grant funding and availability)

EOPS Scholars FAQ's

On-Campus Resources

Off Campus Resources


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