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Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

EOPS Student Mentor

Be part of an EOPS Student Success
Provide Guidance by sharing your Personal and Academic Experiences
with current Chaffey College EOPS Students.

A Mentor and a Student
Would you like to be an EOPS Student Mentor?

EOPS mentors provide guidance to current EOPS students by sharing their personal and academic experiences. EOPS mentors share helpful information such as adjusting to university life when transferring, transitioning from being a college student to a working professional, how to motivate and challenge yourself to be the best student possible, among other topics. We are currently developing an EOPS Mentor List comprised of former EOPS students who have successfully transitioned to the university or the professional arena. If you would like to become an EOPS Mentor, please complete the
EOPS Mentor Form.


Rev. 3/22/18

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