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Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

AB540/Undocumented/DREAMer Students

What is AB540?

AB540 is a California law that allows a qualifying student who would be otherwise not eligible to pay in state tuition fees at any UC, CSU, and CA Community College.


  1. The student must have attended a high school (public or private) in California for three or more years.
  2. The student must have graduated from a California high school or attained the equivalent prior to the start of the term (for example, passing a GED or California High School Proficiency exam).
  3. A student who is without lawful immigration status must file an affidavit with the college or university stating that he or she has filed an application to legalize his or her immigration status, or will file an application as soon as he or she is eligible to do so.

* Students who are non-immigrants [for example, those who hold F (student) visas, B (visitor) visas, etc.] are not eligible for this exemption.

* The student must file an exemption request including a signed affidavit with the college that indicates the student has met all applicable conditions described above. Student information obtained in this process is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required under law.

* Students eligible for this exemption who are transferring to another California public college or university must submit a new request (and documentation if required) to each college under consideration.

* Nonresident students meeting the criteria will be exempted from the payment of nonresident tuition, but they will not be classified as California residents. They continue to be "nonresidents".

Benefits of being a part of EOPS AB540, Undocumented, DREAMer students

  • Academic Counseling and Advisement
  • Personal Development Activities (e.g. workshops/field trips)
  • Referral to campus and community based services or agencies
  • Develop a sense of community among your peers and EOPS

Can I apply to the EOPS Program?

Yes! Students who qualify for AB540, and completed a California Dream Act application are eligible to apply. Click at Services & Requirements to learn more about the EOPS eligibility requirements.

* Student's who qualify for AB540, have completed a California Dream Act application and are eligible for the Promise Grant A or B (formerly known as Board of Governors Fee waiver, BOWG)

* If you have not completed the California Dream Act application please visit

How do I apply?

To learn more on how to apply, please click How to apply.

You can also complete the EOPS Interest Form, and receive email notifications and updates on our next application window.




Rev. 9/24/18

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