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Event Announcement Form

In order to have information about an upcoming event listed in the Chaffey College media outlets, please complete and submit this form. Your request will be processed as soon as possible. Additional questions should be directed to the marketing and public relations department at extension 6113. Thank you!

A detailed description of this form and related procedures may be downloaded here:

Event Announcement Form Procedures (PDF)

Please allow reasonable time for the processing of your request. Same-day response is seldom possible.

Event Contact Information
Event Information
Announcement Duration (Start/End)
The day the event announcement should be released to the public or displayed, and on what day the item should be removed. The marquee is set to automatically remove the item after 10:00pm on the event day. The web news page is updated every two weeks. The telephone on hold message is updated at most once each month.
Target Audience
To whom this event, or announcement, relates, and what sort of audience is expected to attended.
Media Announcement

Marquee Use Policy:
The District uses the marquee to communicate official District business such as dates of college programming, the instructional schedule, athletic events, and campus events. The use of the marquee is limited to official District use and business only; the marquee is not open for use or communication by employees, students or community groups or members.

The marquee slides measure 72 x 304 pixels at 72ppi, a resolution that makes fine details difficult to display, and, if text-only, generally no more than four lines of type can be used. Marquee slides are typically posted for no longer than two weeks prior to the related event.