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The English Major (AA-T)

The English major gives students an appreciation of literature and increased skills in written communication. The Associate for Transfer in English degree will provide seamless transfer opportunities to California State Universities for those students desiring to transfer to the CSU system. This degree is flexible enough to meet transfer requirements at four year insitutions. Through the study
of language and literature, students are better able to communicate, to persuade, and to understand human nature. More specifically, superior ability to understand and to use English is necessary for success in most careers, particularly those in education, writing, business, journalism, and law.

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Required Core (6 units):
ENGL 1B Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking (3 units) AND
ENGL 1C Literature and Composition (3 units)


List A (6 units):
ENGL 75A American Literature (3 units) OR
ENGL 75B American Literature (3 units) OR
ENGL 80A Survey of British Literature (3 units) OR
ENGL 80B Survey of British Literature (3 units) OR
ENGL 70A World Literature (3 units) OR
ENGL 70B World Literature (3 units)


List B: 3 units. Any course from List A not used above or any English course articulated as a lower division preparation for the English major at a CSU.
ENGL 68 Mythology (3 units) OR
ENGL 7A Creative Writing: Short Fiction (3 units) OR
ENGL 7B Creative Writing: Fiction (3 units) OR
ENGL 7D Creative Writing: Poetry (3 units)


List C: 3 units. Any class not used from List A or B or one of the following:
ENGL 7E Creative Writing: Nonfiction (3 units) OR
ENGL 32 Introduction to the Novel (3 units) OR
ENGL 33 Introduction to Poetry (3 units) OR
ENGL 35 Literary Magazine Production (4 units) OR
ENGL 74 Asian-American Literature (3 units) OR
ENGL 76 African-American Literature (3 units)
ENGL 77 Latino Literature (3 units) OR
ENGL 79 Native American Literatures (3 units) OR
ENGL 81 Shakespeare (3 units) OR
JOUR 10 Newswriting (3 units) OR
COMSTD 14 Oral Interpretation of Literature (3 units)

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Total unitr: 18-19