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  Classified Success Network

Quick Tip Archive

November 2017
Inserting a shape into a pdf document
submitted by Vicky Valle

October 2017
Creating visually appealing charts & figures

June 2017
Declutter & Organize Your Desktop!
We’d like to thank our former colleague Ruben Flores, for providing us with this Quick Tip before he left.  Enjoy!

May 2017
There was no Quick Tip in May

April 2017
Manage my mailbox size
Thank you, Laura Rodes, for contributing this Quick Tip. Enjoy!

March 2017
Time Management Tips
Thanks to Alisha Serrano for this Month’s Quick Tip. Enjoy!

February 2017
Ignoring Reply All Emails
Don't you just love those long email threads where everyone hits "Reply All"?  No?  Well then, read this month’s Quick Tip provided by Tara Schroeder.  Thank you, Tara!

January 2017
Staying Active at Work
Most of us sit all day. That doesn’t mean that we can’t stay active. Sharon Awad shares how in this month’s Quick Tip.

December 2016
Tips to Perform at Your Peak
These tips can make the difference between maximizing your performance at work and not.

November 2016
Quickly Delete Files Permanently
Learn how to skip your recycle bin. Thank you Laura Rodes, for once again providing a great Quick Tip!

October 2016
Name Tag Etiquette
What is the correct way to where a name tag? View the October Quick Tip, courtesy of Candice Brock, for the answer.  

September 2016
Quickly Switch Between Open Windows Applications
For the month of September, Jackie Carmona shares a keyboard shortcut that will allow you to quickly move between your open applications.  

August 2016
Using the Google Translate App
Are language barriers preventing you from communicating with a student? This Quick Tip, submitted by Ruben Flores, can help.

July 2016
Having a Growth Mindset About Making Mistakes in the Workplace
Everybody makes mistakes. Learn how to have a growth mindset about them in this Quick Tip submitted by Sharon Awad.

June 2016
Working with Students with PTSD
Working with Students with PTSDWorking with Students with PTSD This educator's guide to working with students with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder covers the symptoms of PTSD, potential consequences, and how to help in a school setting.

May 2016
Making Attractive Hyperlinks
Are the links in your document long and senseless? This month's quick tip shows you how to make them short and descriptive.

April 2016
Office Ergonomics Tips
Check out 10 office ergonomics tips to help you avoid fatigue.

March 2016
Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome
Are your eyes tired? You could have Computer Vision Syndrome! View this Quick Tip to learn more.

February 2016
Reduce Stress Through Emotional Intelligence
Even if you're in a job where the environment has grown increasingly stressful, you can retain a large measure of self-control and self-confidence by understanding and practicing emotional intelligence.

January 2016
Recurring Meetings
Learn whether or not to accept a recurring meeting request when you can attend only some of the meetings.

December 2015
Data Validation
This month's Quick Tip comes from Syed Kazmi, adjunct Accounting instructor.

November 2015
Keyboard Shortcuts and Windows
Thank you, Jacqueline Carmona for this month's Quick Tip!

October 2015
Set a custom print area for an Excel sheet
Learn how to control what you print in Excel with this month's helpful Quick Tip.

September 2015
Microsoft Office 2010: Opening Files from Older Version of Office
In this month's Quick Tip, Laura Rodes shows us how to open files from very old versions of Microsoft Office in Office 2010.

August 2015
Grammar Quick Tip: Quotation Marks or Italics for Titles
This month's Quick Tip will help you decide whether to use quotation marks or italics when writing the title of published or unpublished works.

July 2015
Quickly Removing Duplicates in Microsoft Excel 2010
This month's Quick Tip will help you quickly eliminate duplicates from your data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

June 2015
Working with Students with Disabilities
If you are unsure how to best communicate with a deaf or hard of hearing individual, check out this month's Quick Tip for helpful information.

May 2015
Quick Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts
For the month of May, we have another useful keyboard shortcut to help you quickly toggle through various open documents. Thank you Skyler King, for submitting this Quick Tip!

April 2015
Quick Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts
This month's Quick Tip includes several useful keyboard shortcuts that help you complete tasks at lightning speed.

March 2015
Quick Tip: Matching Text in Microsoft Word
Have you ever pasted text into a Word document only to find that the formatting is completely different? This month's Quick Tip shows us how to easily match the surrounding text formatting.

February 2015
Quick Tip: Dates in Sentences
Ordinal figures or ordinal words are used when the day precedes the month or stands alone in a sentence. Cardinal figures are used when the day follows the month. This month's quick tip will help explain.

January 2015
Quick Tip: Using Excel 2010 Speak Command
Did you know that Microsoft Excel can talk to you? Alisha Serrano shows us how to use the speak command, which may be used, for example, to help confirm information as you enter data.

December 2014
Quick Tip: Changing Letter Case in Microsoft Word
Philip Cestone, instructional assistant in the Multidisciplinary Success Center, shows us how to change font from all caps to title case to lower case and back with just a few keyboard strokes.

November 2014
Quick Tip: Working with Individuals with Disabilities
Jason Schneck, alternate media specialist in the DPS department, provides tips for working with individuals who are blind, have low vision, or other visual issues.

October 2014
Quick Tip: Import a List of Meetings into Outlook 2010
Tired of the time it takes to enter meetings one by one at the start of each semester? Eva Ramirez, executive assistant in the president's office, shows us how to quickly import meetings from a spreadsheet into Outlook.

September 2014
Quick Tip: Using Workspaces in Excel 2010
For those of us who are





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