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  1. What's Next?
    1. How to Register for Classes
    2. Getting Started

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  1. Getting Started
  2. Course Sequences
  3. Selecting Your First Semester Courses
  4. Mandatory Student Educational Plan


    1. How to register for classes

      You are now ready to register and successfully complete courses through Chaffey College. Please follow the steps below:

      1. Be sure all your application materials are completed through the online application. If you are a high school student, please visit the high school partnership program webpage so that you can read all the information that you will need to know. Current high school students need to complete different documentation than the regular college student that has graduated from high school. When your completed application to the college is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation showing that your application was submitted. Within 24 hours you will receive another email with your student ID#, your registration date, and instructions on how to register online. If you have received this information, you are ready for the next step.

      2. Write a list of courses that you are considering for your first term at Chaffey. This list will include courses from your assessment results, general education patterns, and/or courses to complete your major. Review the information in the previous sections for ideas on courses to select from.

      3. Find your desired courses in the Chaffey College Schedule of Classes. The Schedule of Classes lists start dates, times, instructors’ names, locations, and course descriptions. Using your list of courses select the class(es) you plan to take and choose times, locations, and starting dates that will work for you. Write this information down. The section number is critical, so be sure you write down the correct number for each class. This is the five-digit number listed in the schedule in the left margin that precedes each course listing. This number is used by the computer to enroll you in the desired class(es). Please make sure to be mindful of prerequisites and corequisites.

      4. When possible, list alternate courses in the event the course you desire is filled at the time you register. This may mean having to take the same course at a different time and/or location. Be sure the alternate time and location will work for you. You may not find an alternate date and time for the same course, so consider taking a different course altogether that fits with your desired time and location. In either case, be sure to write down all the aforementioned information ahead of time so that you are not fumbling with the schedule of classes while online registering for your class(es).

      5. Go online a few hours before or the night before your registration date to check the open class list. This will help minimize the confusion when you actually go online. View the open class list to determine which classes on your list are still available. This is a great time to revise your schedule and get ready to register with the current information on the availability of classes. Go to for the open class list.

      6. You are permitted to go onto My Chaffey VIEW on the day and time of your registration. If you miss your registration date, you may register online anytime thereafter while the registration system is still available.

      7. Students that register online have the opportunity to get current information about the availability of open classes at the same time that they register. You can check on courses from the list to see if they are open while the computer gives you alternative sections of the same course if it is full.

        1. Go to
        2. Select My Chaffey View link
        3. Enter User Name (First initial of First Name and Last Name and Chaffey ID#)
        4. Enter Password ( six digit birthdate), if it is the first time logging on.
        5. You will then be prompted to choose a New Password (must be 6-9 characters; both letters and numbers). It is recommended that you fill out the "Hint" just in case you forget your password.
        6. * To view Registration and Schedule information select "Registration."

      8. If a class you want to register for is closed you have the option of getting on a waiting list. Waiting lists are used by instructors to fill vacancies in a class on the first day of instruction when students that are enrolled in the course fail to show up or if the instructor decides to take more than the limit posted for the course. In any case, it is up to the instructor. The higher your ranking on the waiting list, the better your chances of getting into the course. To add a course, you must obtain an add code from the instructor. The instructions on how to use the add code is listed on the back of the add code sheet.

      9. After the registration period is over, you can still register during the late registration period. All classes, whether open or closed, need an add code beginning the first week of school. You will need to go to the class when it meets and get an add code from the instructor. Late registration is the first two weeks of school. Please check the deadlines for adding classes which are listed on the Academic Calendar in the schedule of classes or online at

      10. After you have registered online, you must pay your fees to complete the registration process. Beginning Summer 2010, there will be a new payment deadline process.

        ***Prior to the beginning of the term, students will have 10 calendar days from the date of registration to submit payment. If payment is not received within 10 calendar days, the student will be dropped from their classes.

        *** Beginning the first day of the semester, if the student adds classes during the Late Registration period, payment must be submitted the same day of registration. If not, a financial block will be applied to the student's record on that day which will impact their ability to add other classes or seek other services.

      11. If you should decide that you do not want to complete a course you have enrolled in, it is the responsibility of the student to drop the course. You can drop your course(s) on My ChaffeyVIEW. Please check the drop dates in the front of the schedule of classes. If you drop a full-term class before the last day to drop, then you will have no grade reported on your permanent record. If you drop a full-term class after the last day to drop, a grade of "W" is recorded on your permanent record. If you do not drop a class before the drop deadline, the instructor will issue a grade for work completed up through the last day that you attended. This too becomes part of your permanent record. Be sure to check the schedule of classes for deadlines to add and drop classes. Deadlines for paying fees are listed on the Academic Calendar in the schedule of classes or online at Please also see the refund policy in the schedule of classes.

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Attention Students!

Now is the time to come and complete your educational plan either through a workshop or a one-on-one with a counselor. Please call the Counseling Department so that we can set you up for the right appointment.


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For general questions,
a copy of your educational plan or any other documents given to you at your appointment, please email
(please allow up to 2-3 business days for reply


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