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Chaffey College is committed to helping you accomplish your educational goals. The pathway to these goals sometimes involves overcoming challenges and obstacles to your success. When those challenges result a substandard academic performance, programs and services are available to help you get back on track to your SUCCESS!

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What is Opening Doors?

Opening Doors to Excellence provides you with a carefully planned pathway to helping you improve your academic performance and regain good standing with the college. This pathway includes the following steps:
  1. Information Session-Learn about academic and progress probation and how the Opening Doors program can help you regain good standing. Also, be informed about your options and select the best path for improving your academic status. Commit to a plan of action that will help get you back on track with progress towards completing your educational goals.

  2. Educational Plan-Meet with a counselor that has special knowledge and expertise to help you overcome your challenges and obstacles and design a semester by semester educational plan that will provide you with a clear vision of how to complete your educational goal.

  3. Guidance 507-Take a course on how to become a more effective student. Learn about how to better manage your time, use more effective study techniques and strategies, set meaningful and achievable goals, and overcome personal challenges and obstacles to your success.

  4. Immunity from Dismissal for 1 year-Your participation in the program and your renewed commitment to getting back on track will require additional time to improve your academic performance. A key benefit of this program is two additional semesters to improve your grade point average and complete courses without being dismissed from the college.
Why am I being asked to participate in Opening Doors?

Since almost 95% of the funding for your instruction comes from the State of California, the college keeps track of your academic performance to meet requirements that assure the state you are making progress on your goal. The college has Probation and Dismissal policies and procedures that assist in achieving that objective.

Your current academic standing is 2nd level academic and/or progress probation. That is to say, you have two consecutive semesters where your cumulative grade point average is below 2.0 and/or the number of units earned with a W, I, NP, and NC has exceeded 50% of the total number of units you have completed (See 2013-14 Chaffey College Catalog pp 30) This is a critical point of progress because a third consecutive semester on probation would result in being dismissed from the college. If you are dismissed, you are not permitted to enroll in the next consecutive semester and sign a Readmission Contract to be allowed to return to the college after your dismissal in order to return to Chaffey.

What is my next step?

Your next step is to make an appointment to attend and information session. Click the"Information Session" link below to schedule an appointment. If you have additional questions please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Information Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being blocked from registering and how do I remove that block?

Chaffey College requires you to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your educational pathway. Second level probation is the last opportunity the college has to make sure you are aware of the programs and services available to help you improve your standing. The information sessions will go over the options and services to help you make an informed choice. After you attend an information session and have decided the path that is best for you, your registration block will be removed.

Will I earn credit for the Guidance 507 class?

One of the options available to you is to participate in the Opening Doors program. Participating students enroll in Guidance 507 a 3 unit grade earning course. The grade and units earned from this course can help you improve your academic standing. Since the course is for credit, tuition and fees do apply.

How long will I be on probation?

Your probation standing is based on your cumulative academic performance. The semester in which you earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for work completed a Chaffey College and/or have less than 50% of your units attempted in grades of W, I, NC, and/or NP, you will be off probation. Your third consecutive semester on probation will result in your dismissal from the college.

What happens if I get dismissed?

If you are dismissed, you will not be allowed to register for the next consecutive semester after the dismissal action. To be readmitted after being dismissed, you must sit out the dismissal period, reapply online to the college, attend a Readmissions Contract Workshop, meet with a counselor to complete and educational plan, and be cleared to register for classes.

What if I decide to go to another college?

Each college has their own rules that apply to previously dismissed students or students on probation from other colleges. Consult the catalog or contact the admissions office at the college you plan to attend to see if there are any restrictions or if there is a special admissions process for academically disqualified students.

If I do really well in my classes this semester, I am confident that I can get off probation. Do I still need to participate in the program?

As mentioned earlier, several options are presented at the information session. One of them addresses this possibility. Please attend the information session for more information.

What if I can't make any of the scheduled information sessions?

Unfortunately, the only way your registration block can be cleared is if you attend the information session. Please make the necessary adjustments to your schedule and secure transportation to attend a session that is most convenient for you.

With grades I earned this past summer my cumulative GPA is over 2.0, why am I still on probation?

Grades earned in summer are applied to the following fall semester to determine probation standing. By itself summer is not a semester, so grades earned in that session are not immediately used to regain good standing.

I just came back to college after being away for some time, why are my past grades being counted against me especially now that I am doing better?

Your academic record is permanent and time does not relieve your previous performance. Your probation standing is based on consecutive semesters on probation without regard for the time between those semesters. That means if you enrolled in courses 10 years ago then re-enrolled in the current semester your next consecutive semester would be the current one even though ten years have passed between terms.

I took classes at another college and my grade point average shows above a 2.0. Why am I still on probation?

There are two answers to this question.
  1. Grades earned at another college may be used to replace previous substandard grades if the course taken is equivalent to a course taken previously at Chaffey. An official transcript must be submitted to Chaffey and a request made for an official evaluation of the transcript with the Admissions and Records office. After the official evaluation is completed by the Admissions and Records office, make an appointment to meet with a counselor for a course to course evaluation of the transcript. Grades earned in equivalent courses at another college may be used to renew substandard grades in courses taken previously at Chaffey. Also, courses and units completed at another college may be used for Academic Renewal. See a counselor for assistance with both of these procedures.

  2. Your probation standing is based on courses completed and grades earned at Chaffey College only. Coursework completed at other colleges may be used to improve your GPA through Academic Renewal or grade renewal by course repetition (as described in item 1 above). Only the cumulative grade point average and courses completed at Chaffey are used to determine academic and progress probation standing.

Copy of Second Level Probation and Opening Doors Letter (.pdf file)

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