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Classified Senate History

Chaffey College Classified Senate was the first Classified Senate established in the state in October 1981. On July 8, 1982, the Chaffey College Governing Board officially recognized Classified Senate as an organization. At this time, the Classified Senate elected officers were Barbara Moore, Sharon Haag, and Ben Bull.

The original Board agenda stated Senate’s five objectives as follows:

1. To facilitate a learning environment;

2. To motivate awareness and commitment to the mission of the college;

3. To assist in analyzing policies, procedures, and practices;

4. To provide the Superintendent/President and the Board of Trustees with an organized voice for interpreting the view point of the classified staff of the College;

5. To be acknowledged as a highly skilled staff whose competencies and cooperation are essential to the functioning of the College.

The first Executive Board of the California Community Colleges Classified Senate was elected by the state’s classified senate delegates in November 1994. David Viar, CCLC Executive Director was invited to install the first officers and representatives. The President of the first state senate was Mary Thompson of Chaffey College.

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