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The Paralegal Studies certificate program is intended to prepare students for employment as paralegals in various legal sectors. The American Bar Association (ABA) By-Laws, Section 21.12 use the terms "paralegal" and "legal assistant" interchangeably referring to persons who, although not members of the legal profession, are qualified through education, training, or work experience, and are employed or retained by a layer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity in a capacity or function which involves the performance under the direction and supervision of an attorney, of specifically delegated substantive legal work.

The Paralegal Studies Certificate program emphasizes practical application and the development of up-to-date paralegal related job skills in addition to teaching legal theory. The program is designed to enhance the ability of students to reason, understand and apply correct principles of law by teaching analytical and critical thinking skills. Graduates of the program will processes skills to enter the paralegal profession. It also allows those already in the paralegal line of work to improve their understanding of the paralegal profession.

California State statute requires all paralegals to be certified by an accredited educational institution. Chaffey College's Paralegal Studies certificate program meets and exceeds such mandates because Chaffey College is approved by the California Department of Education and the Western Association for Schools and Colleges, and the certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed 27 semester unites in law-related courses. Chaffey College's Paralegal Studies certificate program also exceeds the American Bar Association's guidelines for paralegal educational requirement.

Program Benefits
  • The Paralegal Studies Certificate Program meets and exceeds both California statutory and American Bar Association's guideline for paralegal educational requirements.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will be recognized lawfully and legitimately by the State of California as a paralegal.
  • Classes are taught by attorneys, senior legal office managers/paralegals, or other qualified professionals.
  • Learn hands-on job skills to enter the paralegal profession.
  • The Paralegal Studies Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for successful paralegal careers through a teaching philosophy that stresses practical application, as well as the development of up-to-date paralegal related job skills and critical thinking skills.
  • The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and the role and responsibilities of paralegals.
  • Acquire essential paralegal skills such as conducting legal research; calendaring; drafting legal documents and legal memoranda.
  • Learn to work with other legal professionals.
  • Understand office technology tools.
  • Improve oral and written communication skills.



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