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Chaffey College Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Rufus Thompson
James (Jim) Edgar McLemore Jr.
Natalie Wyatt

Grant Rice
Laura Uribe

Prentice Harris

Bob Stangel
Chris Stephens

Nick Davila

Red Hunter
1993-94 Chaffey Men's Basketball Team

Manuel Gallardo
Cindy (Bosner) Gurney
Calvin Jones
Greg Walton

Tom Brannis
Clark Goodwin
Diane (Hargrave) Cauby
Bob Olivera

Dr. John Barnes
Ron Eoff
Tony Finazzo

Wes Brickey
Luis Garcia
Bobby Pleasant

Chuck Deagle
Bill Dickson
Arlen Downs
Matt Georgia

Anders Anderson
Terry Ford
Doyle Lyman

Chrissy (Sweeney) Anderson
Bob Beam
Shannon Kay

Mary Graber-Boyd

Leonard Mather
Wayne Nelson
Mike Walters

Jerry Bell
Orland DeCiccio
Dan Finfrock
Patty Kuchan

Brian Francisco
Gina Jojola
Jeff Miller
Sharon Sanchez

Joe Bruno
Jerry Conroy
Betty Olson
Mike Pompa
Linda Singleton
Roy Vujovich

Michael Alonso
Charles Bennett
Allen Jakobic
Sandy Kriezel
Al Shaw
Robert Spencer

John Burnison
William Gable
Randall Grimm
Robert Kovach
Tom McFadden
Howard Theurer

Dawn Baker
William Eblen
Charles Giordano
Joe Papac
John Reed
E Earl Wiesen

Andrew Arner
Jerry Brady
Glenn Cardrez
Dana DeMuth
William Richardson
Loren Sanchez  
Donald Stalwick

Bion Abbott
George Bjorkman
James Bryant
George Colbath
Virginia Edwards
John Rodgers
Kobe Shoji
Allan Smith
Howard Tipton
Tom Waleszonia

James Davidson
Glenn Dorning
Elfina Item  
Clyde Francisco
Darryl Kile
Howard Lowder  
Michael Milhiser
Robert Sachs
Larry Sagouspe
Earl Sicosky
Austin Snyder
June Teirsworth
Earl Vickery
Jack White
1947 Chaffey Football team

Jess Evans
William Grigsby
Zeke Keough
Eleanor Keough
Barney Newlee
Al Newman
Ernest Payne  
Wayne Sevier
Dean Smothers

Athletic Hall of Fame

2016 Nominations due Friday, February 12, 2016.

The election of any person to the Athletic Hall of Fame is a distinct honor.  While the criteria are guidelines, the ultimate decision as to who shall receive the honor is made by the Hall of Fame Board of the Directors, who recognize the achievements of the honoree far exceed what is considered exceptional in his or her field.  Induction honors outstanding athletes for their athletic performance, leadership and team contributions while students at Chaffey College.

Eligibility Requirements:

Individual must:
  • Have been a full-time student at Chaffey College for at least two years;
  • At least five years have elapsed since graduation (or completion);
  • Made significant contributions to the college athletic program.
Selection Criteria:

Selection into the Hall of Fame shall be based upon:


  1. Athletic Performance; Leadership, or Team contributions and/or achievements as evidenced by:
    1. Postseason honors, such as All-American, All-State, etc.;
    2. Holding position of team captain;
    3. Record-setting performances;
    4. Earning individual championships
  2. Achievements following Chaffey College, including a record of citizenship and community involvement.
  3. A full team may be considered for induction if in the committee’s view its achievement was so outstanding as to be rare and rarely repeated, such as state championship or a record number of victories in competition.
Friends of Athletics:

A nominee need not be a graduate or former employee of Chaffey College.  Strong consideration is given to nominees who have enhanced the experience of student athletes at Chaffey College.  These candidates shall have volunteered their time, expertise and resources for a minimum of five (5) years.

The information provided in this form will be sent to the Chaffey College Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.
Please provide as much information as possible. Only nominations with CURRENT contact information can be considered.

Additional questions should be directed to Janeth Rodriguez at (909) 652-6541.

Nomination Form


Nominee Name

Nominee Maiden Name (if applicable)

Home Phone Number

Work Phone Number

email address

Street Address




Years at Chaffey College/Class of

Major or Course of Sudy at Chaffey College

Activity/Involvement at Chaffey College

Sport(s) competed in

Coached by

Athletic and/or Academic Honors earned at Chaffey

Colleges Attended after Chaffey (if applicable)

Athletic and/or Academic Honors earned after Chaffey

Professional Athletic Experience

Athletics Accomplishments/Stats

Current or Former Occupation

Professional Achievements

Community Service

Service to Chaffey College

Why do you feel this person should be inducted into the Chaffey College Athletic Hall of Fame?

Nominated by Nominated by

email address

Home Phone Number

Work Phone Number



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