Sheldon Pace

s paceClass of 2004

It was as simple as following his high school basketball coach to Chaffey College that resoluted in Sheldon Pace attending.

So he followed Coach Jeff Klein and became what Klein described as, “The best basketball player I’ve coached at Chaffey College.” Pace won various honors including a two-time team captain, several all-tournament teams, an all-state award and 1st team All-Conference.

“I remember learning the game of basketball under a great coach who always challenged me to be an elite athlete and a true competitor, and that the impossible is always possible,” Pace said. “I will also never forget the great memories I built with my teammates and the strong brotherhood that we still share to this day.”

Pace moved on to play basketball at Division II Southwest Baptist University where he picked up NCAA 1st and 2nd team honors. He would later play professionally in China and Singapore.

When he returned to the United States he started a non-profit called Xtreme Unity that promotes physical fitness and good eating habits to children. They serve approximately 1,500 children in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“Chaffey College provided me with a platform of great educators, coaches and staff that took time and effort to develop a positive atmosphere that encouraged me to learn, grow, and always strive for greatness,” Pace said. “My time at Chaffey College opened doors to have the opportunity to play professional basketball to now owning my own non-profit and allowing me to develop my own platform to help shape and change the lives of our younger generation.”