Michael Jackson

m jackson

Class of 1992

 Michael Jackson knew by working hard both in the classroom and on the basketball court that his time at Chaffey College would launch him into his future.

What Chaffey College gave him was a path.

“I wanted to use Chaffey College as a stepping stone to earn a basketball scholarship to a four-year university,” Jackson said. “Part of my two-year experience was self-improvement in the classroom and personal growth to become a better communicator.”

He excelled in basketball by training harder and lifting weights to prepare for competition who were bigger and stronger than him. He became a starter and earned 1st team All Foothill Conference by the end of his freshman year. His sophomore year he made the all-tournament team twice, and earned an MVP award.

During that time, Jackson grew as a student as well. “When I first attended Chaffey College, I had to learn to manage my time with school and basketball,” Jackson said. “I met a lot of new friends while working on projects from different classes as well as meeting new friends in the student union.”

Jackson went on to play and graduate from the University of the Pacific, and spent some time playing internationally. He has been employed with the Los Angeles Police Department for more than 20 years where he works in the personnel department.

Jackson would like to recognize his wife of 20 years, Beatrice, and his daughters Taylor, 20, and Brooke, 17. He would also like to thank coaches Bill Genian, Lynn Massey, Marvin Mattox and CB Brown.

Jackson said Chaffey College is a good start for a student unsure of what they want to do. “Chaffey College gave me the opportunity to explore major options, have a flexible schedule, it was close to home and I did not have to pay the cost of attending a four university,” Jackson said.