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Disability Program and Services (DPS)

Video Captioning


California community colleges have a legal responsibility to provide equal access to video resources for students, faculty and staff who are deaf or hard of hearing. This is often most easily accomplished through closed captioning of video resources.


Alternate Media Specialist is responsible for making arrangements for all Chaffey College District "legacy" video tapes to be captioned. Legacy video tapes are those videos the Chaffey College District has purchased for use in the classroom (as prescribed by the curriculum) that were not closed captioned and cannot currently be purchased in a closed captioned format from the distributor/copyright owner. All current videos purchased that support the mission of the Chaffey College District should be closed captioned prior to purchase and must be closed captioned prior to viewing in the classroom according to section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (amended 1998) and Legal Opinion M 02-22

New purchases of videos material that will be viewed in the classroom will need to be closed caption and it is the responsibility of the faculty or staff member making the purchase to ensure the material is accessible.  (For guidance on how to make sure your material is purchase in an accessible format please contact Jason Schneck (AMAC) at 909-652-6393). 

Current videos being viewed as part of the curriculum need to be converted to a closed caption version if not already in an accessible format.

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