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Small Business Solutions

  • Standard Small Business

Small businesses are generally privately held entities with sales, profits and assets being directly tied to workplace performance.  Often challenged with tight budgets, small businesses require quality training that directly improves employee performance. Employment Training Panel funded courses are available for small businesses in this category that have fewer than 250 employees worldwide, and under 100 employees in the State of California.

  • Priority Small Businesses

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has referred to small employers as the leading engine of economic business growth. Small businesses drive the economy with growth through job retention and job creation. Businesses in this category may qualify for training if they employ more than 250 employees worldwide, and more than 100 employees in the State of California.

  • Training for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the creators and architects of new innovation.  Entrepreneurs also need the support and resources to manage an emerging workplace environment that is often a direct result of innovation.  Workplace training needs are unique for entrepreneurs.  As such, ETP recognizes the importance of fostering employee development for the entrepreneur community. ETP guidelines must be met and trainees’ must be employed by the business owner.  A minimum course requirement of 8 hours total per employee is required.


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