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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Success Act?

In September 2012 Governor Brown Signed the Student Success Act of 2012 into Law, The new law will help student’s complete educational goals and bolster the economy. This legislative cornerstone of California Community Colleges reform initiative is aimed at improving educational outcomes for students and better preparing the workforce needed for California’s changing economy.

What is the Student Success Initiative?

A Task Force comprised of California Community College faculty, staff, and administrators was created to assess and provide recommendations to the California Community College Chancellor on ways to strengthen the California community college system.

What is the outcome of the Student Success Initiative?

“Advancing Student Success in the California Community Colleges” is the product of the California Community Colleges Student Success Task Force. The Task Force recommendations are aimed at improving the educational outcomes of our students and the workforce preparedness of our state. The 22 recommendations are more than just discrete proposals. Taken together, these recommendations would strengthen the community college system by expanding those structures and programs that work and realigning our resources with what matters most: student achievement. This report presents a vision for our community colleges in the next decade, focused on what is needed to grow our economy, meeting the demands of California’s evolving workplace, and inspiring and realizing the aspirations of students and families.

Where can I get more information on the report?

The Final Report can be viewed on the California Community College Chancellor’s Office website. TF_Final_Report_1-17-12_Print.pdf

What Student Success Initiatives have been approved?

Currently, the state legislature has approved one recommendation – unit capacity. The unit capacity is being implemented state-wide in Fall 2013. Any Chaffey College student who exceeds 100 units (excluding 500 level courses) will lose registration priority status.

How are Chaffey College student registration dates assigned?
The college is legally required to assign student registration dates the following ways:
  1. Eligible veterans and foster youth will be given 1st enrollment priority status
  2. Active EOPS and DPS students will receive 2nd enrollment priority status
  3. Enrollment status for all other students.

How does a current Chaffey College student retain their registration priority?

Fall 2014 ALL Chaffey College students must have completed the following or you will not earn a registration date:
  • The Chaffey College Assessment process – includes taking the following placement tests:
    • Math
    • English
    • Reading
    • or ESL
  • Orientation – completed the counseling orientation
  • Education Plan – complete a college approved Education Plan – must be prepared by a college counselor
  • Maintain Good Academic Standing – Students must earn a 2.0 or above cumulative GPA to maintain “Good Academic Standing” status.
    • Financial Aid Students – Effective 2015 Students’ Board of Governor’s fee waiver eligibility will be impacted if you do not meet academic standing and academic progress standards for two consecutive terms.

Who do I contact if I haven’t completed these steps?

Contact the Chaffey College Counseling office at (909) 652-6200 to schedule an assessment test, orientation or complete and education plan.

If I have more than 100 units what happens?

Beginning Fall 2013 – Any Chaffey College student who exceeds 100 units (excluding 500 level courses) will lose registration priority status and will obtain a registration date after current and new student registration dates.

Rev. 6/11/13

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