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Fall 2009

SLO’s:  Deconstructing Fact and Myth 
Mysterious legends, hoaxes, urban folklore – Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Hitchhiker story…fun to read and amusing to contemplate, however, never to be confused with reality.  How easy that line becomes blurred sometimes.  The SLO process at Chaffey College has fallen victim to much imaginary, fictitious and down right false speculation.  This session will look at the most commonly held myths about SLOs and provide participants with the real facts about them.
Presented by: M. Boyd, T. Vitzelio
Date/time/location: August 19, 2009
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM | BE 02


A Method to the Madness:  A Review of the Chaffey College Assessment Cycle 

When it comes to assessing student learning outcomes for your courses or program, do you feel like a 15th Century explorer trying to find the New World?  Though the assessment cycle seems complex and lengthy, it can be broken down into a simple five step process.  In this session, participants will review the five steps involved in assessment at Chaffey College.  By utilizing the Wurtz Wheel, an outcomes assessment tool developed by the Chaffey College Institutional Research Department, faculty and staff will be able to create an entire assessment cycle for a course, program, or unit.  Topics for the workshop include:

  • Developing outcomes statements
  • Identifying assessment tools
  • Creating assessment tools
  • Determining a criteria for success
  • Collecting data and using the results.
Presented by: G. Sosa, K. Wurtz
Date/time/location: August 19, 2009
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM | BE 02


I Got the Data, Now What: How to Close  the SLO Assessment Loop
What are electronic portfolios and how can they make your life easier with SLOs?  We will discuss how you can create ePortfolios that demonstrate student learning, set up networking and interactive learning spaces, and establish learning rubrics that allow students to document their student learning   outcomes.  We will be using the Epsilen Learning environment, an online service provided through the ePortfolio California Project that Chaffey has joined as a pilot campus.  All participants will leave this workshop with their own ePortfolio and faculty account.
Presented by: M. Boyd, T. Vitzelio
Date/time/location: August 20, 2009
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM | AD 162


Pre and Post Test: An Introduction to a  Basic No Nonsense Assessment Tool
The $64,000 question for faculty working through the student learning outcomes process is, “Now that I have my learning outcome statements, how am I going to assess them?”  The way faculty may assess their SLOs are infinite and span the spectrum from the basic to the complex.  One of the simplest assessment tools for a faculty member to get their feet wet is the use of a pre and post test.  In this session, participants will learn the basics of developing and implementing a pre and post test assessment for their course or program.   
Presented by: M. Boyd, T. Vitzelio
Date/time/location: August 21, 2009
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | LA 01


Debriefing the Critical Thinking Assessment
Whether you participated or not, come and enjoy this discussiion and help us “close the loop” on this campus‐wide assessment of critical thinking, one of our institutional Core Competencies.  What do our students think about their own critical thinking skills,and what impact does this have on us as instructors?  Do different disciplines show different trends? Results of the Spring 2009 Critical Thinking Assessment will be available.  Institutional Research will provide an analysis of the results.   Over 75 sections of courses from all disciplines participated in this survey asking students what they thought about their own thinking skills.  This is a first for Chaffey – come help us define the process instead of being led by it!
Presented by: G. Sosa
Date/time/location: August 21, 2009
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Faculty Success Center


SLO Wordsmithing 101: How to develop effective goals, objectives and outcomes for your program or course

Are course objectives and outcome statements the same thing? What about program goals and program outcomes statements. The foundation to any type of successful assessment of learning outcomes is the development of good goal, objective and outcomes statements.  This interactive workshop provides clear definitions for the goals, objectives and statements and will illustrate how all three are connected together.  Participates will learn a simple approach that will assist them in the development of Administrative Unit and Student Learning Outcome statements for both the program and course level.


What’s Going on in the World Outcomes Assessment at Chaffey College: A Panel Discussion

Join your fellow Chaffey College faculty and staff as they discuss their involvement in the outcomes assessment process. Get the true story from the individuals who have embarked on the Chaffey College outcomes assessment journey and not the fluff you hear and read in newsletters and administrator presentations.  Panel participants will include:

  • Representative from Success Services
  • Representative from Instructional Support
  • Representative from instruction
  • Representative from a non-instruction AUO program