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The Chaffey College Office of Institutional Research provides useful and "user-friendly" data, reports and presentations to Chaffey College administration, staff, faculty and students.
The office provides data and information relevant to:

         short and long range planning and decision making.
         institutional effectiveness and accountability.
         student learning outcomes and student success.
         program and services review.
         federal and state-mandated reporting.
What's New on the IR Web Site?

Broadcasting & Cinema Needs
Assessment (posted 09/27/12)

Comparing Course Outcomes in Fast
Track and non Fast Track Courses
(posted 09/23/12)

Campus Climate Student Survey ~
"General Perceptions of Chaffey College"
Observed Within Group Differences
(posted 09/21/12)
Spotlight on IR Office Staff

Giovanni Sosa and Carli Straight both recently
presented at the Fall 2012 Flex Program.
Gio and Marie Boyd presented findings
from the Institutional Critical Thinking and
Global Awareness Core Competency
Assessment, while Carli and a team of Chaffey
College faculty from the Accelerated Learning
Faculty Inquiry Team (FIT) presented recent
findings about accelerated learning.
Chaffey College - Institutional Research Department - 5885 Haven Avenue Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737. Telephone 909 652 6460 Fax 909 652 6461