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Chaffey College Administrative Procedures


The links on this page will take you to pages describing Chaffey College administrative procedures, which are developed to implement and follow district policies. Click on a link to be taken to the related PDF document. Use the "Back" button in

1   Governance
  1.6.3 Adoption of Board Policy
  1.6.5 Regular Review of Policies and Procedures
  1.7.3 Student Trustee
  1.10.7 Open Meetings/Public Participation (at Board Meetings)
  1.10.9 Minutes of Governing Board Meetings
  1.10.10 Recording
  1.10.15.C Governing Board Agenda
2   Board/Staff Relationships
  2.2.1.B Administrative Procedure
3   Executive Expectations
  3.3.1 Organizational Structure
  3.3.4 Grants
  3.3.6 Records Retention and Destruction
  3.3.7 Public Information
  3.4/3.6 Nondiscrimination/Prohibition of Harassment
  3.7.5 Weapons on Campus
4   Academic Affairs
  4.1 Academic Calendar
  4.2 Program & Curriculum Development
  4.2.2 Program Discontinuance Review
  4.3 Library Services
  4.4 Articulation Courses
  4.6.1 Auditing and Auditing Fees
  4.6.3 Honorary Degrees / Titles
  4.6.5 Course Repetition
  4.6.6 Grading Symbols
  4.6.7 Credit by Examination
  4.6.8 Academic Renewal
  4.6.12 Foundation Coursework
  4.6.13 Grade Changes
  4.6.14 Pass/No Pass
5   Student Services
  5.1 Admissions
  5.1.2.A Residency Determination (Military Personnel and Dependents)
  5.1.3 Withholding of Student Records
  5.1.5 Student Records Retention and Destruction
  5.1.6 International Students
  5.2.1 Athletics
  5.2.4 Educational Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
  5.2.5 Financial Aid
  5.2.6 Matriculation
  5.4.1 Associated Students Organization
  5.4.2 Associated Students Elections
  5.4.3 Associated Students Finance
  5.6 Speech – Time, Place, and Manner
  5.7 Student Credit Card Solicitations
6   Business/Financial Affairs
  6.2.1 Budget Plan
  6.2.8 Audits
  6.3.1B Use of District Property (with form)
  6.3.2 Claims for Damages
  6.3.5 Naming of Facilities
  6.3.7 Computers - Contracts
  6.5.D Health and Safety – Smoking
  6.8 Identity Theft Red Flag Compliance
7   Human Resources
  7.1.2 Recruitment and Selection of Full-Time Contract Faculty
  7.1.12 Faculty Equivalency Determination
  7.2.4/7.2.4 Management Selection
  7.2.3C Regular Classified Employee Selection

Under Consideration

The college staff will periodically review and revise Chaffey College administrative procedures. Part of this process includes "sunshining" proposed modifications prior to adoption. The list below will provide links to the proposed modifications currently under review. Access to these files is limited to current college personnel, and requires authentication.

    Nothing currently available

Rev. 11/10/11

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