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All About Online Classes

This page offers tips and information for students who want to succeed in their online classes.

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Tips from Past and Present Online Students
For a full list of tips from past and present online students, scroll down the page, or click on the following link.
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Although the following link is specific to one instructor and the classes she teaches, many of the suggestions are applicable to online classes in general.
Link to Advice Discussions

MSJC put together this video with words of advice for online students. Regardless of the college you attend, the suggestions are universal.
Link to YouTube Video

The FAQ page has answers to many of the questions that students have about online classes.
Link to FAQ Page

Suggestions from Online Faculty
Faculty experienced in teaching online classes have found that students who do the following achieve success in their online classes.

Students often grossly underestimate the time required to do well in college courses. College courses are planned on the expectation that students will, for every 3-credit semester course, devote 3 hours per week in "class," and 6–9 hours per week "outside of class" reading, studying, and completing assignments. That's 9 to 12 hours per week, minimum, spent on this class alone. If you are a slow reader, this time will be even greater. Plan accordingly.  Come into our online classroom and complete work on a regular basis, at least 3-4 times per week.  Don't let yourself fall behind.
-Ken Koenigshofer, Psychology.

-Contact me if you have any questions or concerns (big or small)--I will have no way of knowing you need help otherwise.
-If you can, meet with me at least once during my on-campus office hours to discuss the class.
-Write down due dates in a planner and check regularly. It is easier to miss due dates in an online class.
-Make sure you feel minimally comfortable with computers and technology and have regular access to a computer with the internet before taking an online class.
-Read all assigned material and complete all assignments. They are all related and all important.
-Make sure your contact information in your profile (especially your email address) is accurate or you will miss important announcements.
-Read and respond to some of your classmates' posts, even when it's not required--you can learn a lot from engaging with your classmates as well as with me.
-Angela Bartlett, English

My courses contains the following items each week:
*PowerPoint slides with audio
*10 question quiz
*Forum question and responses to two students
*Assignment files
Students must log-in several times per week to complete all of the items on the list.  This keeps them on track during the semester and teaches them the Microsoft Word software.
-Maria Vitale, Business and Applied Technology

Some tips for students:
1. Students should access Moodle at least three times a week. It does not have to be for a long time, but frequency of visits ensures that students don't miss posts by the instructor or fellow students.
2. Students should participate in discussions and make their initial posts by mid-week (Wed/Thu), so that other students have a chance to respond.  It is not just a matter of getting your work done on time- it is a matter of doing it soon enough that everyone can benefit!
3. Students should CLICK ON EVERYTHING! There are many features and often more than one way to do something or find something in Moodle.
-Quinton Bemiller, Art

I've noticed my most successful students are quick to email me with questions that they have, both about content, and about Moodle issues. They don't procrastinate when they don't understand something.
-Maria Fitzpatrick, Psychology

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Suggestion 9

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Suggestion 10

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Suggestion 12
Suggestion 12
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