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Many of the questions students frequently ask about Distance Education are listed below.

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What are online classes?
An online class is a class that meets entirely on the Internet.

What are hybrid classes?
A hybrid course is one that meets fifty/fifty. Half of the time online and half in the classroom on campus.

What are enhanced classes?
Enhanced classes are classes where the teacher uses an online tool to enhance or supplement what they are presenting online.

How do I register for an online or hybrid course?
Registration for online and hybrid courses is the same as it is for any other class at Chaffey College. See the Admissions and Records pages for detailed information on registration information.

Why can't I log on to Moodle?


Check the following:

  • Are you enrolled in a class that is on Moodle? Not all classes are. Check with your instructor if you have any doubt.
  • Are you using the correct username? Username is your initials followed by your 7-digit Chaffey ID number.
  • Are you using the correct password? Your password should be your birth date in mmddyy format. Your password may have been reset in the system.

If you have checked these items, and are still having problems, contact the Distance Education help desk for further assistance.

I'm getting an LDAP error when I try to sign on to Moodle. What should I do?
A LDAP error message indicates you are using a username that does not exist in the Moodle database. Your username is your initials followed by your 7-digit Chaffey ID number.

How can I add an online class if it is full?
To add an online class that is full, please follow the instructions located on the Add and Wait listed page.

How do I contact my/an online instructor?
If you are enrolled in an online class, you will have to wait until the first day of the course to contact the instructor. Once the class has started you will be able to determine how your instructor wishes to handle class communication. Each instructor has different preferences, thoroughly reading the course syllabus and other information should inform you of your instructor's communication preferences. If you would like to contact an instructor to add an online course, see the Wait listed and Adding page for details on how to contact the instructor.

Why isn't there a link to contact the instructor?
Contact links are available for approximately two weeks. They become available the week prior to the start of the class, and are taken down at the end of the first week.

I submitted an Online Instructor Contact form, but I haven't gotten an email from the instructor: Now what?
If you have not heard from the instructor after the first week of the class, you should make alternate arrangements. Instructors will only reply to those students whom they are able to add.

I've added an online class, when will I be able to access it on Moodle?
You will be able to access the course on Moodle one business day after you officially add the class in ChaffeyVIEW.

How do I access my online, hybrid, or Moodle enhanced class?
You should go to and click on the Log on to Moodle link.

What is my username and password?
Student user names are your initials followed by your 7-digit Chaffey ID number. Student passwords are your birth date in mmddyy format.

I'm getting an error message that says, "Returning to this web site? Login here using your username and password (Cookies must be enabled in your browser)"
Chances are you entered the incorrect username and password combination.

What is an access key/code?
An access code or key comes with some text books. They are generally used when a faculty member is using course content that is developed by their textbook publisher. Some publishers will sell the access key separate from the text.

What is Moodle?
Moodle is a course management system. Course management systems allow the presentation of online learning in a secure environment. Course management systems allow faculty to be able to teach online courses without having to be computer programmers.

Is there any special hardware or software required for online classes?
No, there is nothing special, however there are some minimum requirements. See the Computer Requirements page for detailed information on the computer requirements.

How do online classes work?
Online classes work much like any other class, they just meet in a virtual environment. There are lectures, tests, homework assignments, and activities you must complete.

Do I have to log on at specific times?
Other than the first day of the class, there are generally no other required log on dates and times. Some instructors do have some assignments, such as chat sessions and tests that may require you log on at a specific time. You will be given advance notice of the required dates and times so you can make any necessary scheduling arrangements.

Do I need books for online classes?
Yes, you will need books for online classes.

Are online classes easier than face-to-face classes?
No, online classes have the same curriculum requirements as their face-to-face counterparts. Some students mistakenly confuse ease of class with ease of access. Online classes allow you to attend class when it works for you.

How much do online classes cost?
Online classes have the same tuition requirements as face-to-face classes. Please refer to the Admissions and Records pages for details on tuition costs.

Can I get a degree online?
At this time, Chaffey does not offer an entire degree online. However, we do have several certificates that can be obtained by taking only online classes.

Where can I get information regarding Microsoft Office or other software at a discount price?
The Chaffey College bookstore offers student discounts for various software titles. Check out the bookstore's website for more detailed information. In conjunction with the California Community College Foundation, there are several software companies that offer their software at greatly reduced prices. For more information on this agreement and the software offerings, please go to the College Buys website.

Only one week is showing in my course. Where did the rest of it go?
Your class content may have been collapsed or hidden. Sometimes this is done by the instructor, sometimes this is inadvertently done by the student. To check if you have collapsed the content area of your course, look to the upper right corner of the content area of the course. Is there a little box with a line through the middle? If there is, click on it and your course content should once again expand. If there is no such box, then you should contact your instructor, he or she may have hidden the content.

How will I know if I can add an online class?
If you have completed an instructor contact form, and the instructor is able to add you to the course, you will receive and email that contains the authorization code. Since instructors receive numerous requests to add, they generally reply only to those students who are able to add. If you have not received an email by the end of the first week of the class, you should make alternate scheduling arrangements.

I dropped my online class, but it is still listed on my Moodle homepage. What should I do?
Faculty are responsible from removing dropped students from their Moodle courses. Sometimes they do not do this immediately, but will wait a while to make sure that the drop was not an accident. The Moodle database and the ChaffeyVIEW. database are not connected. If you show a course on Moodle, it does not necessarily mean that you are officially enrolled in the course. The ultimate and most accurate version of your course listing is found in ChaffeyVIEW. If you wish to have a course removed from your list of courses in Moodle, you should contact the instructor of the course and request that they remove you.

Do I ever have to come to campus for an online class?
No, you should not have to come to campus for an online class. Chaffey does offer hybrid courses. Hybrids do require that you meet on campus on specified dates and times

Why aren't all of my online classes showing under my list of courses?
There may be several reasons for a course to not show. Has the course started? You will not be able to see the course until after noon on the course start date. You may not be registered in the class. Check ChaffeyVIEW to ensure that you are registered. If you are registered, and it is past the start date of the class, it may be that the instructor has not yet made the course available. Please contact the Distance Education help desk for more information on the availability of your course.

How do I find out if my instructor is using Moodle?
If you believe your instructor is using Moodle, the course should show in the appropriate category on Moodle. If you believe your instructor is using Moodle and the course isn't showing, you should first contact your instructor to determine whether or not they are using Moodle and whether or not they have made the course available.

What is SmarThinking and how do I access it?
SmarThinking is an online tutoring service subscribed to by Chaffey College. SmarThinking services are available to all students enrolled in online and hybrid classes. Students can access SmarThinking by going to Student user names and passwords are formatted as:
Username - StudentID.Chaffey
Password: Birth date (mmddyy)
Update Your E-mail Address!
All students registered in an online, hybrid or enhanced course must have a current
e-mail address on file in My ChaffeyVIEW.
Update your My ChaffeyVIEW profile now!

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