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The first day of any class can be an adventure, especially for students new to the online learning environment.

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Log on to Moodle Link
Moodle is the course management system used by faculty at Chaffey College for the presentation of online classes. Students enrolled in online classes should be able to access Moodle about a week prior to the day their online course starts.

While students will not be able to access their actual course until after noon on the first day of the class, the access prior to the start of the class, will allow the student to explore the Online Student Orientation and become familiar to how Moodle works.

For more information about how and where to log on to Moodle, please go to the Moodle log on information page.
Link to Moodle Log on Page

Explore Online Student Orientation
After logging on to Moodle, students should click on the "My Home" link in the navigation block on the left side of the screen. Listed in the center of the screen, under the Course overview heading will be the courses that the student is enrolled in. Online students should see the Online Student Orientation. To access the course (or any other course) click on the course name.

After logging on and entering the Online Student Orientation, students should explore the orientation course. The course contains some of the activities, assignments, and communication tools that may or may not be used in online classes. Ultimately faculty have the ability to decide which tools and activities they use in online classes, the orientation is designed to expose the student to the most commonly used tools.

Update Your Profile
Students should check their Moodle profile to make sure that all of the information contained in the profile is current. Having current information on your profile will ensure that your teacher and classmates will be able to communicate with you during the course of the semester. Information on how to update your profile in Moodle can be found on the Student Quickstart Guide.
Link to Student Quickstart Guide (Coming Soon)

Access the Course Heading
Explore Sub-Heading
After exploring the Online student orientation, go back you your home page and access your course. Remember that the course will not be available until after noon on the first scheduled day of the class. Sometimes instructors are not able to make the course available to you exactly at noon, so if the course doesn't show up right away, be patient. Chances are it will show up soon. If, by two or three o'clock in the afternoon, the course hasn't shown up, feel free to contact the Distance Education Help Desk.

As you poke around in your class, be sure to scroll up and down, and if possible to the right and left. We like to recommend that students "click and read everything!" You would not want to miss important information about the class just because you did not scroll down the page to make sure that you were seeing everything that needed to be seen.

Syllabus Sub-Heading
As you explore your online class, be sure to look for the course syllabus. Just as in a face-to-face course, the syllabus is the guide to your course. The syllabus will give you specific information about the assignments and activities that are a part of the course.

Activities Sub-Heading
After locating the course syllabus and any other pertinent information, be sure to look to see if your instructor has any attendance, or first day activities that you will need to complete. Because instructors cannot always tell if you are active in a class, they often have some sort of check-in activity for you to complete the first day or so. Some instructors might have you send an email, while others might have you post an introduction of yourself to a discussion forum. Some instructors even have a quiz about the course syllabus that you will need to complete to show you are active in the course. Faculty are free to choose how they would like to determine who is and is not active in the class, so be sure to explore and determine if your instructor has any such activity. You would not want to be dropped for missing such an assignment.
Update Your E-mail Address!
All students registered in an online, hybrid or enhanced course must have a current
e-mail address on file in My ChaffeyVIEW.
Update your My ChaffeyVIEW profile now!

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