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All About Online Classes

This page contains basic information about online classes at Chaffey College.

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Types of Online Classes
Online - Online classes meet entirely online. Students never need to come to campus.
Hybrid - Hybrid courses split class time between meeting in a traditional classroom setting on campus and the online environment.
Enhanced - Enhanced classes are classes where the instructor is using some online component to augment what they are doing in the classroom.

Online and hybrid courses have the same curriculum requirements and standards as their face-to-face counterparts. The only difference is the method of presentation. For more information on curriculum requirements, please visit the course catalog pages for details.
Link to Catalog and Schedule

Registration and Enrolling
Chaffey College has one process for registering or enrolling in all classes at the college. The process is the same for online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes. Please visit the College's Admissions and Records pages for more information on enrolling in classes at Chaffey College.
Link to Admissions and Records

Waitlist or Adding
Even if a class is full, it may still be possible to add the class to your schedule. Please visit the Admissions and Records pages for information on Waitlists and Add Codes. Online classes follow the same basic processes for online classes, but instead of attending the first class meeting to request an add code, students should follow the process as described on the Distance Education Wait list or Adding web page.
Link to Wait list or Adding Page

Tuition and Fees
Online and hybrid courses have the same tuition and fee requirements as any other class at Chaffey College. Please visit the the Cashier's Office page for more information.
Link to Cashier's Office Page

Attending Class
Online - Online classes meet entirely online. Students will be able to access their online courses after noon on the first scheduled day of the class. Most instructors have some kind of first day activity for students to complete to ensure that they are active in the class. Students who fail to log on the first day and complete the assigned activity may be dropped from the course. After the first day, course access requirements vary depending on the course curriculum and activities. Most instructors do not have specific dates and times that students must log on to the class. However, there are due dates and times for assignments and activities. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have completed and submitted their work by the due date and time.

For more information about what should be done the first day of an online class, visit the Getting Started (What to do on the First Day) page.
Link to the Getting Started Page

Hybrid -
Hybrid courses meet online and face-to-face at a Chaffey College location. Students must attend the first class meeting on campus to avoid being dropped from the course. Instructors will explain online requirements at the first class meeting.

Online Course Content
The majority of online course content is in some sort of text format/documents. This could be PowerPoints, Word, or PDF documents. Just as in the face-to-face learning environment, instructors have individual teaching styles. Students should explore all areas of a course and familiarize themselves with each course.

Learning Styles
Do you know how you learn best? Do you like to read? Do you like to listen to lectures? Are you a hands-on learner? Find out what your learning style is and how you can use this information to become a successful online learner.
Link to Learning Styles Page/Quiz (Coming Soon)

Are You Ready?
The Are You Ready? quiz will help you assess your readiness to take an online class.
Link to Are You Ready for Online Classes? Quiz

Online Student Orientation
The online student orientation introduces students to the online environment. The orientation contains information, assignments, discussions, as well as some of the other tasks and activities that might be required of students in online classes. Generally, the week before classes start, students are enrolled in the Online Student Orientation. If you would like to take a look at the Orientation prior to enrolling in an online class, complete the request form. The DE office will send you an email with access information.
Link to Orientation Request Form (Coming Soon)

Suggestions for Success
The Suggestions for Success page contains tips and advice from past and current online students.
Link to Suggestions for Success Page

Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ page has answers to many of the questions that students have about online classes.
Link to FAQ Page
Update Your E-mail Address!
All students registered in an online, hybrid or enhanced course must have a current
e-mail address on file in My ChaffeyVIEW.
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