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Substandard Grade Petition Procedures

Student Petition for Course Repetition
(two substandard grades)

When a student has attempted a course two times and receives a substandard grade (including withdraws) for both attempts, any subsequent enrollment must be approved by the dean that oversees instruction for the discipline. In addition, for five highly impacted biology courses, BIOL 20, 22, 23, 23L, and 424, any combination of two D, F, FW, or W grades will also require petition approval for any subsequent enrollment. The procedures in Mathematics and Science for this process are outlined below. Please remember, this process takes time. Allow as much time as possible prior to your registration date for the upcoming term to accommodate this process.

Step 1: Obtain the Petition for Course Repetition (two substandard grades) form from the Admissions and Records Office or online via MyChaffeyVIEW.

Step 2: Is this a Mathematics Course? If yes, please see step 2A below. If no, skip to Step 3. Step 2A: Complete four math workshops or learning groups in the Math Success Center at the Rancho Campus (Math Building -121). Classes may also be available at the Chino and/or Fontana Campuses. Contact the Math Success Center at (909) 652-6452 for more information. It is recommended that you make a reservation for the workshops or learning groups by phone or in person. The workshops and learning groups schedule can be viewed at

Step 3: Bring your paperwork to the Dean’s office in ZH-116. All petitions are viewed on a walk-in basis; appointments to meet with the dean will not be scheduled. At his earliest availability, the Dean will review your submitted forms for possible approval.

Step 4: If approved, your registration transaction will have to be conducted in-person in the
Admissions and Records Office in accordance with your registration date. Your signed petition does
not guarantee your registration in the course.

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Rev. 7/8/13

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