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Chaffey College Identity Elements

Below are listed the design and use specifications for the Chaffey College identity elements. There are specific ways in which the college name, logo, colors and typefaces are used. Shown here are a few guidelines, but others may be applied at the discretion of the department of marketing and public relations. If you are producing printed or electronic materials that are related to the activities of Chaffey College, please follow these guidelines, and use the artwork available with the links on this page. The attached image files must be used unaltered, without any disproportionate scaling, distortion, color changes, nor any other modification. Please contact the marketing department if you have a special need not addressed here.


You may download a copy of the logo as shown using the links within this table (links will present you with a 300dpi .jpg file; right-click to download).

For additional versions of the logo and type (.eps, .tiff), please contact the graphic services department at 909/652-6797, or

chaffey logo  
Chaffey Logo, Greyscale

Display/Download High Resolution Version |

color logo  
Chaffey Logo, two-color, RGB

Display/Download High Resolution Version | .png version

logo and type  
Chaffey Logo and Type, Greyscale, logo at left

Display/Download High Resolution Version |

logo and type  
Chaffey Logo and Type, RGB, logo at left

Display/Download High Resolution Version | .png version

logo type white  
Chaffey Logo and Type, RGB, logo at left, college name in white

Display/Download .png Version |

logo and type  
Chaffey Logo and Type, Greyscale, logo in center

Display/Download High Resolution Version |

logo and type  
Chaffey Logo and Type, RGB, logo in center

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The logo is the single-most important element in presenting a unified Chaffey College image. It is the only symbol to be used on college stationery, and it must be present on every publication related to Chaffey College. The placement, and positioning, of the logo depends on the specific design application, but is typically in the last position of the viewer's eye-path, and of sufficient size to reflect substantial emphasis, but not to overpower the layout. The college logo is most often used in combination with the college name. For additional versions of the logo and type, please contact the marketing or graphic services departments.

The name of the college is "Chaffey College" and in all publications it should be referred to as such, not as just "Chaffey."

The location of the college is "Rancho Cucamonga" and it should be written in this complete form in all publications. The slang use of "Rancho" as a location name runs counter to precise, clear, and complete information and should be avoided in print and web publications.


Use of the specific colors chosen to represent the college is crucial to presentation of a unified and recognizable identity. The colors used as the "school colors" are red, and black. Additionally white, cool grey, and "screening" of the basic colors can be can be combined for aesthetic variety.

Background and inside band of the logo is a true, pure white. Paper stock for stationery, announcements, note cards, and other official publications of the college, is typically a crisp bright, white.

black   BLACK
Black used for the college name and within the black areas of the college logo is a deep, solid, strong, cool black.
PMS Process Black 100%, or, when necessary, "Rich Black" is permitted with these values: 70C, 35M, 40Y, 100K. For web sites, use hex value #000000

grey   GREY
Cool grey, or a screened value of cool black may be used in the college logo and name if appropriate to the specific design scheme.

red   RED
Red used in most applications of the college logo and typeface is PMS 201 or in process color: 0C, 100M, 65Y, 34K. For Chaffey College Athletics, at brighter red is permitted: PMS 200, or: 0C, 100M, 65Y, 15K. For web sites, use hex value #990000


The college name, when associated with the logo, should be set in Friz Quadrata, never bold, usually in upper and lowercase. Given the unique character of Friz Quadrata, it does not lend itself well to use in large blocks of text, and is best used for headings. Text in brochures and documents requires a legible font that is adaptable to a variety of sizes, and supports the image of the college. The preferred sans serif font, for Chaffey materials, is Optima, and the Bembo family is the serif font of choice. In instances where these fonts are not available, Helvetica and Times may be used. A version of the Friz Quadrata font is available that has the college logo embedded as the "shift-6" character. This font is useful for work in computer applications that do not handle some image files appropriately. The "PostScript Type 1" version is preferred to the "True Type" version. You may download the FrizChaffey files with these links (licensed copies of the other fonts are available from several vendors):

      PostScript Type 1 – best for all uses, especially offset printing
            Windows (.zip)
            Macintosh (.sit)
            ASCII/UNIX (.tgiz)

      TrueType – An inconsistent format, only for use on desktop printers
            Windows (.zip)

      OpenType – A dynamic format that may not be supported by all applications
            OpenType (.zip)


Rev. 9/10/13

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