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Human Resources

  Testing Information for Open Positions


What Clerical Testing Information

Letter formatting (English usage, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary) and a General Math test. You may bring a hand-held calculator for the math portion of the test. You will be notified via email of your assigned test date, time and location.

Please be on time as the doors will close exactly at the test time and you will not be admitted late. Please note there is a parking permit machine located on the west side of Parking Lot #2 (map for BE-106/108), and there are meters located in Parking Lot #12. The total time for both tests is approximately 1 hour. 

The first test will be English usage/grammar. You will be given a block of text and asked to create a mailable business letter. You will be given 20 minutes for this test.

The second test will be math. This test consists of 25 items, and you will be given 30 minutes. You may bring a hand-held calculator for this test. Cellphones will not be permitted as calculators.

If you have passed either of these tests within the past year, you will not need to retake those tests. Please do not bring anything to eat or drink, with the exception of bottled water. Dress is casual.

  Cell phones will not be allowed for use as a calculator. You must bring a regular hand-held calculator for the math test.
What Bookkeeping Test Information

The Bookkeeping Test will consist of 26 questions and you will have 30 minutes to complete it. The majority of the questions are multiple-choice.

If you have passed this test withiin the past year, you will not need to retake the test. Please do not bring anything to eat or drink, with the exception of bottled water. Dress is casual.

You may bring a hand-held calculator to this test. Cell phones will not be allowed as calculators.

Parking Information

Q: Do I need a parking permit to park on campus?

A: Yes. All vehicles parked on grounds owned or operated by the Chaffey Community College District shall clearly display a current parking permit or a daily parking permit on the lower driver side windshield facing outward with the number or date of the permit clearly visible.

Q: What is the cost of a parking permit?

You can purchase a daily parking permit from any one of the yellow permit dispensers on campus located in various parking lots throughout campus. Daily permits are $4 per day or $1 per hour.

Q: What do I do if the permit dispenser I went to is not working or out of order? Do I still need to have a parking permit?

A: If the permit dispenser is not working or out of order, look for another permit dispenser that is working properly. Dispensers are located in various parking lots throughout campus. You must have a parking permit in order to park on campus.

Q: I have a disabled placard. Do I have to purchase a parking permit?

A: Yes. In addition to having a valid placard properly displayed or a license plate that signifies that you are disabled, your vehicle must display a current Chaffey parking permit. Misuse of disabled parking privileges will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Rev. 4/25/16

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