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On this page you will find links and references to a wide array of resources that will help you discover what you are best suited for in a career, and that will help you plan and execute strategies to achieve your career goals.

  Calendar of Events

The Career Center offers a variety of career workshops and employer information sessions. Topics range from workshops on resume writing, interviewing, and career exploration to announcements about career fairs, employer recruitment sessions, and internship presentations. Visit to see what's coming up next!

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  Take a Career Assessment

red box What are your "True Colors"? What skills do you prefer to use? (site ID code:D1GCLGY)

red box Find out your personality type by taking the Jung Typology Test.

red box Take the personality self-assessment.

  Choose a Major

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What you can do with a major in...?

red box Which major will prepare me for my future career?
Contact the Career Center at 909-652-6511.

red box How much money do you need to make? Complete a Reality Check.

 Learn About Occupations

red box Learn more in the Get a Pathway Section of California Career Café

red box Find information about occupations at

red box Research jobs and careers. Contact the Career Center.

red box Explore jobs and occupations at

red box Research jobs and pay throughout California at

red box Research jobs and pay throughout the country at

red box Investigate career paths

red box interested in the military?

  Find a University/College/Training Program

red box Chaffey College Programs:

red box Review major and transfer information from a California Community College to a California State University or University of California at

red box Learn about California State Universities at

red box Research the University of California campuses at

red box Interested in a private university in California?

red box Chaffey College Community Education:

red box Research colleges throughout the United States at

red box Explore colleges

  Contact a Career Counselor

red box To meet with a Counselor in the Career Center, please call 909/652-6511 or call the Counseling Department at 909/652-6200

  Career Networking

red box Please contact the Career Center at 909/652-6511

red box Join a club on campus related to your career. Contact Student Activities in the Campus Center East or call 909/652-6590

red box Join a Professional Organization related to your career. Find one in the Get Experience section of California Career Café:

  Resume Writing and Interviewing Tips

red box Resume and Cover Letters.

red box Resume and Interviewing help in the “Get Hired” section of California Career Café:

  Find a Job

red box Student jobs and community jobs at Chaffey College:

red box Jobs at Chaffey College:

red box Research jobs in San Bernardino County:

red box Search for jobs in California:

red box Looking for a job?

red box Find a Federal Job while a student:

red box Find a Federal Job:

red box Are you interested in gaining experience? Consider volunteering:

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