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Higher One

Higher One My Chaffey Debit Card

Beginning Fall 2011 Chaffey College is changing the way it disburses financial aid funds. Students receiving financial aid will receive financial aid disbursements (also called refunds) via the My Chaffey Debit Card. 

Chaffey College is introducing a new method for receiving financial aid disbursements (also called refund) to all eligible Chaffey College Financial Aid students. All financial aid disbursements will be transmitted electronically through Higher One, a financial services company. Higher One provides higher education institutions and their students with efficient, convenient and easy-to-use solutions to handle financial disbursements.

The My Chaffey Card is mailed to every student who is enrolled at Chaffey College, has a current FAFSA on file with the Chaffey College Financial Aid Office and may potentially be eligible for grants. This does not mean you have been processed or are eligible for Financial Aid.
The card will not have any funds available until your eligibility is confirmed and awards are accepted.  Once eligibility is confirmed and you receive a disbursement notification email, funds will be available on your card. It is critical that all students have a correct mailing address on file with Chaffey College. You can login to My ChaffeyVIEW and confirm or update your permanent address. 

Your My Chaffey Card will soon arrive in the mail.
Activate your Card as soon as it arrives by following the instructions enclosed with the card.
Make sure you follow the steps on the envelope to activate your card online at http://www.MyChaffeyCard.com  A demo on how to activate your refund preference is available by clicking on the “Activation Demo” link.

Have additional questions?
For more information you may click on the Method of Disbursement Q & A link below.  To learn more about the all-new My Chaffey Card program at Chaffey College please visit www.MyChaffeyCard.com.

Additional Information:

  • What is "Swipe & Sign"?  "Swipe and Sign" for all your purchases instead of visiting the ATM.  However, if you must use an ATM, do so at FREE Higher One ATMs only.

  • To avoid Pin fees, choose 'Credit' when you Swipe your card and Sign for your purchase.  When you do not see credit as an option, simply select "Cancel" or hit "no" for more options.  The My Chaffey Card is NOT a CREDIT CARD.  However, you can use it for purchases at all participating merchants that accept Debit MasterCard, get cash at ATMs, pay bills and more.

  • ATM update - You may withdraw cash with no fees at any Higher One ATM.   ATM's are located at the Rancho Campus in the SSA (Student Administration Bldg.) near the south entrance, at the Chino Campus in the Student Lounge / Room 103 and in the Lewis Center Lobby at the Fontana Campus.  

  • What if I use my Chaffey Card at another bank's ATM, what are the applicable fees?  Currently, Higher One will charge $2.50 plus any fees that the ATM might charge.  Students should check the current Higher One fee schedule by visiting www.mychaffeycard.com and click on "Learn More" under Checking Accounts and choose "Fee Schedule" for more details.
My Chaffey Debit Card
If you have already received your 'My Chaffey Card', click the card above to activate it!

To request an ATM Fee Reimbursement from Higher One, click HERE.

Higher One Resources and Handouts:

Higher One FAQ Sheet
Higher One Disbursement Q&A 
Higher One Fee Schedule 

How to contact Higher One?

If you select the "Easy Refund" preference any online banking questions must be made to Higher One.
Customer Service Phone Number:

Customer Service Mailing Address:
25 Science Park
BOX 202
New Haven, CT 06511

(Higher One Hours of Operaton M - F 8am - 11pm ET)

Automated Services Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



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