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Faculty Accomplishments 2017-18

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February 22, 2018

Marc Meyer, Anthropology Professor

  • Had an article "Neck function in early hominins and suspensory primates: insights from the uncinate process" accepted for publication in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. This paper is notable because Marc included two students in the research and put them on the paper as co-authors. Former Chaffey students Charles Woodward, now an undergrad at UC Berkeley, and Amy Tims, now an undergrad at UC Davis, assisted in the collection and analysis of data for this paper while studying with Marc here at Chaffey, and will now be published authors in a national peer-reviewed journal even before attending graduate school.
  • Served as a peer reviewer on a publication for the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), and a second paper for the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

John Machado, Art History Professor

  • On January 26, 2018, The Arts Area, a nonprofit corporation founded by art history professor John Machado, received IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. The nonprofit’s mission is to develop and support the creative industries in the college district. The establishment of the nonprofit was an outcome of his recent sabbatical research that focused on how student academic and professional success in these cultural, artistic, and design fields could be improved through cultivating a stronger local creative economy.

Elizabeth Cannis, Danielle Graham, Shannon Jessen, Megan Keebler, Garrett Kenehan, Esther Leano, Kenneth Lindleaf, RoseAnn Osmanian, Grace Reotutar, Athalie Sapp, Hannah Seidler, Robin Witt

  • Twelve instructors, both adjunct and full- time, and classified staff, participated in the Reading Apprenticeship Winter Conference at the Kellogg West Conference Center at Cal Poly, Pomona on February 1-2, 2018. The professional development conference, hosted by literacy advocate group WestEd, blended the Leadership Community of Practice (LCoP), STEM Network, and 3CSN Reading Apprenticeship Project teams. This event was a dynamic two days of learning more about instruction using the RA framework. It provided plenty of opportunity for exploring the concept of metacognition as well as time and space to follow up on already established relationships and inquiries. Attendees further explored how to utilize problem solving and reading strategies that support equitable outcomes so that students across a broad range of expertise can access and make sense of rigorous texts. This group and additional members of the Chaffey’s Reading Apprenticeship Team will attend the Reading Apprenticeship Statewide Conference May 11-12. These strategies will be shared with Chaffey faculty and staff at upcoming Faculty Success Center and FLEX workshops. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Rose Ann Osmanian at

John Fay, Math Professor

  • January 10-13-Attended the Annual Joint Math Meetings (JMM), the world’s largest gathering of mathematicians. JMM brings together over 6000 members of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and a number of other mathematical professional and honorary organizations. These attendees take part in over 2000 scholarly talks, panel discussions, and other presentations. Along with many such activities as those above, Professor Fay was an invited member of a planning discussion of senior members of the MAA, a focus group on future technological needs for teaching pre-calculus, and a focus group on placement strategies for college mathematics students.

Elaine Martinez, Kinesiology Professor

  • Attended the American Kinesiology Leadership Workshop in Denver, Colorado Jan. 26-27. The theme was Innovative Approaches and Issues related to teaching/curriculum. Presenters from Kinesiology Departments across the nation shared presentations on an array of topics such as: Incorporating technology, bridging the generation gaps, experiential learning, transforming practicum experiences, teaching in the 21st century, Professional Development Programs etc.

Stan Hunter, Ceramics Professor

  • Has a solo show at Launch Gallery, 170 S. La Brea Ave, L.A., "Intimate Corners/Intimate Sprawl", reception March 17, 6-9 pm. The show runs March 10- April 3. For more information visit,
  • An image of his work was in January’s issue of Ceramics Monthly. The photo was submitted by the show he participated in Craft Forms 2017 at Wayne Art Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Wayne PA.
  • Lectured on clay and glazes at CSU, San Bernardino the second week of February.

Carol A. Williams, Adjunct Business and Office Technologies Professor

  • February 12-14-Was a presenter at the annual National Conference of Minority Public Administrators (COMPA) at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, in Los Angeles, CA. The theme for the 3-day conference was “Public Administration: Inspiring Leadership During Challenging Times”. The conference was hosted by the California State University San Bernardino--School of Public Administration Division. Carol's presentation topic was: "Transformational Leadership--The Leadership Trait that is Necessary to Attract Millennials to Government." Further information on the conference can be found here,

Mark McKnight, Adjunct Photography Professor

  • Has a solo show, "...if water forgets how to play mirror," at QUEENS LA. The opening reception is Saturday, February 24, 7-10 pm, with show running through April 1, 2018. For more information go to,

Andrew Thompson, Adjunct Art Professor

  • February 16-19-Had his work on display at Art Palm Springs, at the Clark Gallery, Booth #205. The fair was at the Palm Springs Convention Center.
  • He also has works on display at Classic Photographs Los Angeles in the Klotz Gallery booth. They can be viewed here,

On Campus

Undocumented Advocates Committee’s-GO GREEN CAMPAIGN

  • On February 6, the Undocumented Advocates Committee assisted Chaffey College’s faculty, staff, and students to support our DREAMer, AB540, and undocumented students by the college wearing green. Students could visibly view the college’s support of undocumented students. Classified Senate donated three $10 gift cards for the first three people that posted “green selfies” on the Classified Senate’s Facebook. This idea generated a great deal of support for our students and spread the word around the campus. One student shared, “It felt good for our instructor to bring us together and be excited to show their support for students.” With the recent societal climate, it is vital for the college to show their support. As new undocumented students join our community, we need to continue to communicate that all people are welcome and appreciated at Chaffey College. On March 5, Undocumented Advocates will have another GO GREEN Campaign to support students with Congress' DACA deadline.




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