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Foster Youth Message Line:


909/652-6342 FAX

The EOPS office is located in the Michael Alexander Campus Center MACC-205. The office is above the cafeteria.

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Start Term Dates

January 17-February 24

Mid Term Dates

February 27-March 31

End Term Dates

April 3-May 10

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for the EOPS program?
You may be eligible for the EOPS program if you:
     * Qualify for a Board of Governors Fee Waiver tlype A or B as determined by the Financial Aid Office

     * Are enrolled full-time (12 units each semester)

     * Have not completed more than 48 degree applicable units

An meet one of the following criteria:

     * Have not earned a high school diploma nor the equivalent

     * High school GPA below 2.5

     * Have taken Chaffey College assessment test and scored into foundational courses:

          ENG 675, 575, 475

          MATH 510, 520, 410

     * Have completed 500 series English or Math at Chaffey College or the equivalent at another college before Fall 2009

     * Have completed English 450 or Math 410 at Chaffey College or the equivalent at another college as of Fall 2009 or thereafter

     * Have completed remedial course work or English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in high school and/or college

     * Be an emancipated foster youth

Can AB540 students apply for the EOPS program?                                                                                              Effective January 1st, 2013, AB540 students will be eligible for a  Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGG). For more information, visit

Can I use my EOPS Book Service at Barnes and Noble?
No. EOPS Book Service can only be used through the Chaffey College Bookstore or any one of its three off campus site stores.

Can I buy books for my little brother, my sister, my mom and dad, my best friend, or my classmates?
No. The EOPS Benefits Policy states that EOPS Benefits: including Book Service, Parking Permits, and Bus Pass Vouchers, can only be used by the EOPS eligible student, and not by or for any other student.

What will happen to me if I break the EOPS Benefits Policy?
Those who violate the EOPS Benefits Policy will be permanently dismissed from the program.

What do I do with the text books that I purchased using my EOPS Book Service?
Once you have purchased the textbooks, and you have completed your coursework for the Class, the textbooks are yours to keep. Also, you can help students achieve their educational goals by DONATING your used books to the EOPS program! You will be recognized for your volunteer action, participating students will be entered to a raffle for the opportunity to win a Chaffey College bookstore gift card, and every used book donated will have your name stamped as a sign of your generosity for other students to follow.

How do I get my books?
You will be issued a voucher for a specified amount that is redeemable at the Bookstore.

Can I buy books for future semesters?
No. Book Services are available ONLY for the semester in which you are registered

Rev. 02/19/13

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