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Foster Youth Message Line:


909/652-6342 FAX

The EOPS office is located in the Michael Alexander Campus Center MACC-205. The office is above the cafeteria.

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Start Term Dates

January 17-February 24

Mid Term Dates

February 27-March 31

End Term Dates

April 3-May 10

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

EOPS Mentor Spotlight

Salinda Leanos

Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Spring 2015

Loma Linda University

What advice would you give a current EOPS student?

“Don’t dwell on who people say you are but take the opportunities given to create a clear vision of who you know you are. Education puts you in a favorable position; use it to change the coming generations for good”


Mario X. Diaz

Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology, 2013

San Diego State University

“EOPS helps set the blueprint to my educational career by helping set realistic goals and monitoring my progress. EOPS also helped me transition from high school to college and showed genuine support throughout my years at Chaffey”



Siasmar Vargas

Bachelor of Art, Psychology, Spring 2015

California State University, San Bernardino

What advice would you give a current EOPS student?

“Don’t be afraid to ask question or ask for help when you need it, take advantage of the Math and Writing Center so you can do your best and maintain a high GPA. Also, when transferring be aware of deadlines and stay on top of everything”


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