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Foster Youth Message Line:


909/652-6342 FAX

The EOPS office is located in the Michael Alexander Campus Center MACC-205. The office is above the cafeteria.

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Start Term Dates

January 17-February 24

Mid Term Dates

February 27-March 31

End Term Dates

April 3-May 10

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services


What Is CARE?

What Services Does CARE Offer?

Eligibility Requirements

What Are The responsibilities?

How Do I Apply?

Do I Have To Re-apply?

What Is CARE?

CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education) is a program that serves a limited number of EOPS students who are single head of households parents on public assistance. It provides additional support and services beyond those which are available through EOPS.

What Services Does CARE Offer?

CARE students can select benefits that best suit their needs. Available services may include:

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Workshops and seminars 
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Supplemental Book Service
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Transportation Assistance
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Cafeteria Food Vouchers
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Child Care Assistance
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Supplies Assistance

Important Note: Not all services are available every semester.

Eligibility Requirements

You may be eligible for the CARE program if you:

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Are an EOPS student
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Are a single head of household
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Are a CalWorks Recipient
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Have children under 14 years of age

What are my responsibilities as a student from the CARE Program?

You must be in good standing with the EOPS Program and attend CARE meetings. If the CARE meeting time does not fit your schedule, please contact the CARE Program coordinator.  

How do I apply?

Interested and qualified students must complete a CARE program application which will be reviewed by the CARE program coordinator to determine your eligibility. Spaces in the CARE Program are extremely limited and may not be sufficient to serve all eligible EOPS students.

Do I have to re-apply for the CARE program every semester and for how long can I be part of this program?

You have to re-apply for the CARE program every semester. You can be a participant of this program as long as you are an EOPS student and meet the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

Rev. 6/10/14

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