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Foster Youth Message Line:


909/652-6342 FAX

The EOPS office is located in the Michael Alexander Campus Center MACC-205. The office is above the cafeteria.

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Start Term Dates

January 17-February 24

Mid Term Dates

February 27-March 31

End Term Dates

April 3-May 10

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

EOPS Foster Youth Specialized Counseling Services

Foster Youth Student Testimonials

What is EOPS?

EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services is a Community College Program ahta provides "over and above" academic, personal, and financial support to qualified community college students whose educational and socioeconomic backgrounds might prevent them from successfully attending college.

Are you eligible for the EOPS Foster Youth Program?

Assembly Bill No. 194, Chapter 458, Code of Education, defines Foster Youth as a person who is currently in Foster Care. A ‘Former Foster Youth’ is a person who is an emancipated Foster Youth and who is up to 24 years of age.

*If by these definitions you could possibly qualify to be a part of our program, please fill out Interest Form online at: or in the EOPS office and turn interest form into the EOPS office front desk. In order to qualify for EOPS Foster Youth Services, we need proof of documentation.

Proof of documentation needs to be any of the following documents:

 Dependency Status letter or County Ward of Court Verification letter from your social worker indicating your status in foster care from age 13 and onward. (Please make sure your dependency letter indicates the date past the age of 13 years old to qualify for EOPS Foster Youth Program).

 Any documentation from a Social Worker or an ILP Social Worker stating your dependency status in foster care.

 Any court documents indicating your full name and your dependency status in foster care beyond age 13 and onward.

 Transitional Conference or TILP (Transitional Independent Living Program) paperwork indicating your full name, date of birth, and your dependency status being in foster care from age 13 and onward.

*(Your ILP coordinator, After Care Service Social Worker, former Social Worker, Probation Officer, or the California Department of Social Services can verify your foster youth eligibility status.)

Foster Youth Walk-In Times for information on how to apply:

Monday and Tuesday

from 1:30 - 3:30 pm


Available Foster Youth Services:

 Designated EOPS Foster Youth counselor to guide you through your educational/career goals

 Money for books

 Support with transportation

 Community referrals for basic needs such as referrals for: housing, food, and shelter information.


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