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Course Checklist

Beginning with the spring 2010 semester, all courses in the Curricunet queue need to have the Learning Outcomes page on the Course Checklist completed before the Curriculum Committee will give a second, and final approval for the course modification.

Course Checklist
checked Consultation/Description
checked Units/Hours
checked Objectives
checked Requisites
checked Content
unchecked Learning Outcomes
checked Methods of Instruction
checked Out of Class Assignments
checked Methods of Evaluation
unchecked Supplemental Learning
checked Resources
checked Library
checked Approval Criteria
checked General Ed
checked Comparable Courses
checked Honors Approval
unchecked Codes/Dates


An indication of the need for course-level SLOs was given in last spring (2009) PSR feedback.

As always, the staff in the Curriculum Office will be delighted to assist with this requirement.

Thanks for your cooperation and have a great spring semester!

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