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Career Transitions, BE-107
Chaffey College
5885 Haven Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

Career Transitions

Career Transitions Articulation Agreements

Click here to see the Chaffey College Articulation Agreements on Statewide Pathways

Courses With Articulation Agreements
Course ID Course Title Districts Requirements:
ACCTG 480 (Cx) Bookkeeping 1 CJUHSD Pass comprehensive written exam (70% or better)
AUTOTEC 10 (Cx) Service and Repair BVROP CJUHSD CRYROP FUSD SBROP UUSD Pass 100-question Chaffey College final exam (70% or better)
AUTOTEC 15 (Cx) Auto Electricity and Electronics BVROP Pass 100-question Chaffey College final exam (70% or better)
BRDCAST 60 (Cx) Beginning Single Camera Production FUSD SBROP UUSD Pre/Post Test
Pass competency test (100% only)
Submit portfolio equivalent to Chaffey standards (3 Projects) Pass final exam (80% or better)
BUSMGT 45 (Cx) Small Business Ownership and Management CJUHSD CRYROP FUSD Pass approved exam or project (70% or better)
BUSOT 40A (Cx) Beginning Computer Keyboarding CJUHSD FUSD UUSD Submit (3) Five-minute timed writings with 25 wpm and 5 or fewer errors
BUSOT 60A (Cx) Microsoft Office Word-Specialist CJUHSD Pass Chaffey administered exam (70% or better) or receiving MOS certification
CISCO 1 (PL) CISCO Internetworking I CRYROP No other requirements
CISCO 2 (PL) CISCO Internetworking II CRYROP No other requirements
CISGAME 401 (PL) Fundamentals of Game Development CRYROP No other requirements
CISHDSP 401 (Cx) Microcomputer Hardware BVROP Pass final exam (70% or better)
CISIWEB 70 (Cx) Creating Web Pages with HTML SBROP SAROP Pass comprehensive final exam (70% or better)
DRAFT 20 (Cx) Computer-Aided Drafting and Design BVROP CJUHSD SBROP Submit portfolio equivalent to Chaffey standards for review
DRAFT 50 (Cx) Architectural Design I BVROP FUSD Submit portfolio equivalent to Chaffey standards for review
ED 400 (Cx) Introduction to Education and Teaching I SBCUSD SBROP Pass Chaffey administered two-part (written and multiple choice) exam (80% or better)
EMT 405 (PL) First Responder for Emergency Medical Services CRYROP SBROP Submit photocopy of BLS for Health Care Providers, CPR Pro, or AHA card.
EMT 410 (Cx) Emergency Medical Technician BVROP Pass two-part (written and skills demonstration) exam (both with 80% or better)
FASHM 10 (PL) Introduction to the Fashion Industry SBROP Pass exam (70% or better)
FIRETEC 1 (Cx) Fire Protection and Organization BVROP SBROP Pass 100-question Chaffey comprehensive exam or other department approved exam with (75% or better)
HOTFS 10 (PL) Introduction to Hospitality Management BVROP Submit portfolio equivalent to Chaffey standards for review
HOTFS 18 (Cx) Sanitation, Safety and Equipment Management FUSD Submit proof of receiving ServSafe certificate
Pass Chaffey comprehensive exam (80% or better)
ID 10 (Cx) Introduction to Interior Design SBROP Pass Chaffey approved test
Comprehensive notebook equivalent to Chaffey standards
Nursing Assistant and Nursing Assistant Lab and Nursing Assistant Skills Lab
Professional Development for the Nursing Assistant
BVROP CRYROP SBROP FUSD Pass and earn a grade of "B" or better in course. Submit confirmation/ verification of passing State of California Certified Nursing Assistant Certification (both written and practical) within 90 days in order for student to receive credit.
PHOTO 10 (Cx) Beginning Photography CJUHSD CUSD Pass comprehensive exam (70% or better) Submit portfolio equivalent to Chaffey standards
PHOTO 9 (Cx) Digital Imaging CJUHSD Pass comprehensive exam (70% or better) Submit portfolio equivalent to Chaffey standards

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