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2016 Season Results

August 20
Chaffey Scrimmage (home)
8 am

August 26-27
LA Pierce Tournament
v Bakersfield 3-0 L
v LA Pierce 3-0 L
v Pasadena 3-2 L
v Palomar 3-0 L

September 9
Rio Hondo Quad (away)
v Saddleback 3-0 L
v Santa Ana 3-1 L

September 16
Mira Costa Quad (away)
v Mira Costa 3-0 L
v Glendale 3-0 L

September 23
Mt SAC (away)
3-0 L

September 24
San Diego City Tournament
v Pima (AZ) 3-1 L
v Cuyamaca 3-1 W
v San Diego 3-0 L

September 28
Pasadena (home)
3-1 L

September 30
Rio Hondo (home)
3-0 L

October 7
East LA (home)
3-1 W

October 12
El Camino (home)
3-0 L

October 14
LA Trade Tech (away)
3-0 W

October 19
Long Beach (home)
3-0 L

October 21
LA Harbor (away)
3-0 W

October 28
Cerritos (away)
6 pm

November 2
Mt SAC (home)
6 pm

November 4
Pasadena (away)
6 pm

November 9
Rio Hondo (away)
5 pm

November 16
East LA (away)
6 pm

Larry Chowen

Larry Chowen
Head Coach - Volleyball

Larry Chowen hopes his experience as a player and knowledge as a coach will translate into a successful program for the Panthers women’s volleyball team.

"In order to establish a winning program at this level you need two factors," said Chowen. "You need to have players with reasonably good skills and a staff to help develop those skills."

Chowen would like to have at least eight skilled players for the foundation of his squad and looks for girls who play in competitive high school and club volleyball programs.

"It wasn’t a difficult transition to go from coaching high school to college," said Chowen. "I’m familiar with the progression of kids at different ages when they play club volleyball. I understand the players’ growth and how to operate a team with the personnel I’ve got."

Chowen coached the boys varsity at Long Beach Wilson from 1995-97 and assisted on the girls varsity. He was there to help coach his daughter Teddi, who helped guide the team to two straight Moore League championships and made it to the CIF quarterfinals both years. At Cypress High Chowen coached the boys varsity and junior varsity girls from 1997 to 1999. Cypress’ girls coach retired and told Chowen could have his job but the principal went in another direction, so Chowen left the school.

From 1999 to 2000 Chowen coached at East Los Angeles College. Compared to East Los Angeles College, Chaffey College has a bigger and deeper pool of talented players in the local area to recruit.

An ideal situation for Chowen would be for all 10 of his players to see some action in a match, with no adjustment in the level of play. He wouldn’t want to carry a woman on the team if she didn’t expect to see some playing time. It will take the Panthers some time to slowly progress and spread the word if they’re successful. He wants to add a couple of experienced players to his program.

"The players can believe in my knowledge because I’ve been on the court," said Chowen. "I’ve played at a high level and can relate to the skills needed to be a winning program. I understand the difference between being a coach and a player."

Because he coached both his daughters who earned Division I university scholarships, Chowen said he could work with anyone.

Currently Chowen operates Club Beach in Long Beach which has three girls volleyball teams. His philosophy is to give the girls good coaching which they may not receive at larger volleyball clubs. Chowen wants his girls to learn to become better volleyball players.

Born and raised in Long Beach, Chowen graduated from Long Beach Millkan High in 1965 and ran track. He played volleyball for Long Beach City College in 1966-67 and joined the Marine Corps in 1968. Chowen played for Long Beach State in 1969-70 and helped the 49’ers to advance to a western regional championship and eventually lost to UCLA in the NCAA finals in 1970.

From Long Beach State Chowen earned his bachelor of arts degree in physical education in 1981. He’s currently attending Cal State Dominguez Hills to earn his masters degree in physical education. At Chaffey College Chowen teaches volleyball and weight lifting classes.

Chowen and his wife, Rosa have been married for 30 years, live in Long Beach and have two daughters. Teddi, 22, recently graduated from Arkansas State, where she played volleyball. She followed older sister Leslie, 26 who also played at Arkansas State. Leslie currently teaches and coaches volleyball at Magnolia High in Anaheim.

"I’m really proud of them," Chowen said about his daughters. "They’re good players and they teach and coach physical education."

In his free time Chowen likes to water ski and snow ski. He played volleyball for a men’s 45-50 team called Iron Mountain, which made the national playoffs in 1997.

  overall conference
  win loss win loss
2015 (conference champions) 19 11 9 1
2014 (conference champions) 20 8 9 1
2013 (conference champions) 20 8 9 1
2012 16 6 11 3
17 7 9 3
2010 10 11 5 7
2009 5 13 4 8
2008 (conference champions) 14 7 11 1
2007 6 12 5 7
2006 20 16 9 3
2005 12 9 6 6
2004 13 13 6 7
2003 15 9 8 6
2002 12 10 10 5
2001 11 12 7 7
total 210 153 118 66


Michael FinkMike Fink
Assistant Coach - Volleyball








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