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Every currently enrolled credit-class student belongs to the Associated Students of Chaffey College (ASCC), which is governed by the Campus Council. With a membership composed of fifteen (15) representative Chaffey students, the Campus Council is comprised of two bodies: an Executive body and the Senate. The President of the ASCC serves in the dual role of Student Trustee who serves as liaison between the Chaffey College Governing Board and the student population. The Campus Council holds weekly meetings throughout the academic year. The ASCC campus-wide activities and the Inter-Club Council are supported through the College Services Fee.



Nima Moravedje Torbaty
President / Student Trustee

Hello Panthers! My name is Nima Moravedje Torbaty. I am an English major here at Chaffey College with hopes of one day becoming a professor. There are a couple of reasons as to why I chose to run for the position that I have been granted here at Chaffey College. The first reason is that I wanted to engage with more students outside of the classroom. The classroom is a great place to engage and help others succeed, but I saw a different realm in which engaging and the capacity for success could be pushed even further, and that is through student government. The second reason why I chose to do this is because I wanted to see how far I could push the ideas that we bring to the table in order to benefit students on our campus. Whether all of our ideas come to fruition or they all completely fail, rest assured that I will always do my best to help make student life at Chaffey College as good as it can be.


  Carlotta Bohon
Vice President

Hello Panthers! My name is Carlotta Bohon and I am a sociology major. It is my third and last year at Chaffey and I absolutely love everything about it. I enjoy going to the movies, plays, musicals and anything that involves art. In my spare time I paint or take photos. My hope is to become a therapist in the future. Do not hesitate to ever approach me, I am very friendly and will do my best to help you on your journey through education.


  Christoph Haidl

Hello, my name is Christoph Haidl and I am a Religious Studies major here at Chaffey College. This is my third year at Chaffey College and while being a student here I have been involved on campus through writing for our own newspaper, The Breeze, helping clubs set up free lectures for students, and serving as the Vice President of the Buddhism Club. I’m planning on transferring to a university after this year to pursue further studies in Religion with my emphasis being in Buddhism. I’m here to serve the students of Chaffey College. I truly believe that we can all succeed if we try.


  Miguel Perez

Hello my name is Miguel, or like my friend Tracy calls me McGill. I enjoy all my subjects passionately. I'm very easy going, I like to play, laugh, and have people around me to make laugh because laughing is the best medicine. My major is sociology with a tremendous desire to understand everyone. I like all kinds of music, and all kinds of books. I am just a nerd, but if you see me, and you need anything please stop me because i'll do my best to help you have a great year.


  Marc Smith

Hello Chaffey! My name is Marc Smith. I have been a student at Chaffey since spring 2013. I am a Psychology major who is planning to earn my degree and transfer to a University. My interests include reading; I always have a book with me, movies, and politics. I am very passionate about community service and equal rights. I have 10 plus years of work experiences in the educational setting, working in the financial aid office at four different schools. I can’t wait to start making this the best school year possible. If you see me around campus please come up and say hi.


  JayJay King

Hey guys, my name is JayJay and I am a senator at Chaffey College and also an international student from Africa. I've travelled a lot, so you can say I'm quite multicultural. I love soccer very much so you can probably find me anywhere you see people kicking a ball. I also love the T.V. show Game of Thrones on HBO. I became a senator mainly because I want to help students with their needs so please feel free to walk up to me at anytime and anywhere to ask for help.


  Marlyn Ruiz

Hello students of Chaffey College! My name is Marlyn Ruiz, and I serve as one of the Associated Students of Chaffey College campus council senators and Chaffey College’s alternative delegate for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges Region IX this 2014-2015 academic term. After years of indecisiveness, I finally declared myself a Political Science major. So, I proudly say this is my fourth year here at Chaffey college, undoubtedly a place I have grown fond of with help of its bright students and incredible instructors. Excitingly, I hope to transfer to UC Santa Cruz for fall 2015. It is with great enthusiasm and eagerness that I invest my full effort in serving the students of Chaffey College. With that said, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, conversations, and/or complaints never hesitate to approach me!


  Logan Graham

Hey Chaffey! Going into my third year at this great school and my second year in student government, I am here to make sure that everything the ASCC can do to make things even better here has at least one more vote in favor! Promoting our scholarships, grants, and everything we can do to help our students is my main mission!


  Sean Lewis

Hello, I am senator Lewis, but you can call me Sean. I am a philosophy major, and intend to transfer to UC Irvine when I finish here at Chaffey. To break the ice so you can feel comfortable walking up and talking to me on campus (which I hope you will). I will tell you a little about myself, I love comic books, and art in all forms, I enjoy hiking, working out, reading fiction, and I try to keep up with the news when I can. In closing I'd like to make you a promise. Not a material promise, or a promise that you and I know I won't be able to keep, but a promise to make each student a priority, to listen to your suggestions and do my best to implement them if I believe it will serve the interest of the student body.


  Audi Sinaga

Hello, my name is Audi Sinaga. I attend Chaffey College as a Political Science major, and plan to transfer this Fall 2015-2016 school year. My positions in Associated Students of Chaffey College include serving as Senator and Delegate. When I am not serving and representing my school, I should either be at my church, or at home watching sometimes up to a season of a series per day, or tracking North West’s most recent whereabouts, outfits and activities.

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