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Every currently enrolled credit-class student belongs to the Associated Students of Chaffey College (ASCC), which is governed by the Campus Council. With a membership composed of fifteen (15) representative Chaffey students, the Campus Council is comprised of two bodies: an Executive body and the Senate. The President of the ASCC serves in the dual role of Student Trustee who serves as liaison between the Chaffey College Governing Board and the student population. The Campus Council holds weekly meetings throughout the academic year. The ASCC campus-wide activities and the Inter-Club Council are supported through the College Services Fee.



  Kevin Coduto
President / Student Trustee

Hello members of the Chaffey community. My name is Kevin Coduto and I have the pleasure of serving as the 2013-14 Chaffey College student body President and Student Trustee. I've been at Chaffey College since 2011 fall semester and a member of the ASCC since August 2012. Chaffey College is a world class institution with beautiful campuses, and I couldn't be more proud to call myself a Chaffey student. As student body President and Student Trustee, I will pursue many ventures that will benefit the most amount of Chaffey students. My educational plan is to transfer to a university in 2014 to earn a business degree and continue into graduate programs.


  Carlotta Bohon
Vice President

Hello Chaffey, my name is Carlotta Bohon and I am currently entering my second year at Chaffey College. My major at the moment is Sociology; my interests include art, astronomy, and music. In my free time, I paint and see the latest films. Meeting new people is always fun so please don't hesitate to talk to me. I will be as helpful as I can in any way and I hope everyone has a great year at Chaffey.


  Jane-Frances A. Okere
Commissioner of Activities

Hello Panthers!!! My name is Jane-Frances A. Okere. It is my privilege, indeed a great honor to have the opportunity to serve with the student government of Chaffey Community College as Commissioner of Activities for 2013-2014. This is my second year at Chaffey College studying Business Administration. I am an international student from Africa “PROUDLY NIGERIAN”. I am friendly, respectful, honest and approachable. I work hard, set goals for myself and accomplish them through hard work. Most importantly, my joy and satisfaction is to help someone in need and see them smile again, for this reason, I joined ASCC to love and serve the community to the best of my ability working with my team and as God gives me the strength to do so. I encourage fellow students to put a smile on the faces of people, even if it is with a genuine smile, I know it would go a long way in their lives.


  Antoinette Duke
Commissioner of Inter-Club Council

Heyas Chaffey! I’m Annie and your 2013-14 ICC Commissioner! My Major is History and I hope to become a professor after I get my degree. History is found in a variety of other subjects and I can relate to it through my various hobbies (think of me as a “jane of many trades and interests”). My friends describe me as “spirited”, “hard-working” and “creative”. I’m entering my third year at Chaffey College with hopes to graduate and transfer. As your “manager of all clubs”, I hope to continue assisting and welcoming students. Looking forward to meeting y’all!


  Victor Bocanegra

Hello Chaffey! My name is Victor Bocanegra. This year will be my second year at Chaffey, and I will have the pleasure of being your student body Senator. My interests include photography, cinematography, and politics. I could just ramble on about these topics for centuries. I am a Political Science major and am aspiring to complete my degree to transfer to a University in 2015. As your Senator I am here to make your time at Chaffey one of the most memorable moments of your life. If you see me around do not hesitate to spark up a conversation. Whether it is with any comments, questions, concerns, or even just to talk. I cannot wait to meet you all!


  Manuel Elguera

Hey there Chaffey colleagues! My name is Manuel Martin Elguera and I am proud to be a Senator of the Associated Students of Chaffey College. I took classes at Chaffey for a few years before I realized school was the place for me and that the time had come to take it seriously. Before starting college I managed two mortgage brokerages and was a partner at a mortgage loan processing office. After the real estate market crashed I spent some time soul-searching and I found myself back in school. I am now very goal-oriented and I try to challenge myself everyday. I plan on transferring to a Southern California university next fall and obtaining a degree in linguistics. I love to camp, fish, dance, workout, be active, and socialize….so come say “hi”! I look forward to hearing from you!


  Chelshy Garcia

Hello, my name is Chelshy E. Garcia. I am twenty-one years old since February 1st. I had lived in Ontario mostly all my life, with the exception of Colorado for a year. I am the oldest of three siblings and the first to attend College. I am currently on my third year in Chaffey College and expecting to graduate in spring of 2014. My major is Psychology, leading me to be a therapist in the future. I volunteer gladly in my own church, at schools, and in the community. One of my interests is reading books that pertain to emotion, the mind, and human behavior. One of my hobbies is admiring art, the creation of communicating with designs, not being said but presented. I am an interpersonal, naturalistic, and visual person that builds my unique characteristics. Leading me to seek the best of the occasions and improve on the challenges of life.


  Christian Garcia

Hey there everyone, my name is Christian Garcia and this is my third year at Chaffey College. I am a Political Science major and plan to transfer in the fall. I enjoy sports especially soccer, meeting new people, and helping people as well. I never thought I would join student government, but I am glad that I did because it has helped me be more involved on campus. As an ASCC Senator I hope to help as many students as I possibly can, so that I, with the help of the rest of the ASCC team, can make your time here at Chaffey College the best that it can be.


  Logan Graham

Hello Chaffey! My name is Logan Graham and I am a Computer Game Science major in my second year at Chaffey. When I’m able to transfer, I will hopefully be attending UC Irvine. I live in Piñon Hills, the beautiful high desert! I enjoy video games, sports, guitar, and most forms of art. My main goal as Senator is to simply represent the students of Chaffey and to put my efforts into making Chaffey the very best college that it can be for its pupils. I’m ecstatic to be able to be on the ASCC to help my fellow students!


  Mia Henderson

Hello Chaffey, my name is Mia Henderson and I am currently in my second year at Chaffey College. I am a Kinesiology major and once I have completed my transfer credits, I plan on transferring to CSUSB. I enjoy sports which include volleyball and basketball, I enjoy meeting new people, helping anyone who needs it, and making my experience here at Chaffey the best that it can be! My goals as a student and as a senator here at Chaffey are to help improve Chaffey in any way possible, help my peers, and to inform students about college events and updates. So feel free to come up to me when you see me around campus and I will try my best to help you.


  Daniel Hidalgo

Hello Chaffey! My name is Daniel Hidalgo and I am looking forward to serving this great community of academics. My major is in Business Administration and I am working with the Business and Technology Department at school in hopes of bringing about business related events to help out fellow students. I became a Chaffey College Senator, so that I can give back to this great college for this place is but a stepping stone to a bright future. My goal is to make everyone's time at Chaffey an unforgettable experience that can be looked back with a proud sense of accomplishment and as a time of fun. I encourage anyone to strike up a conversation with me about Chaffey or if anyone is looking to make a new friend.


  Salvadore D. Espinoza Loza

My name is Salvador D. Espinoza Loza, I was born in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Currently I am on my 4th year at Chaffey College onward to becoming a mechanical and electrical engineer and build the technology that will lead to a better future. A little bit about myself, I am the type of person who loves a good challenge because after completing a challenge it is of great satisfaction to know what you are able to accomplish. Also, I enjoy lending a helping hand to anyone who I see needs my assistance, which is the reason why I decided to join ASCC and provide my grain of sand to Chaffey College. Being an honest and trustworthy person I always give my best at everything I do and exceed the expectations of others.


  Daisy Serrato

As a first generation student I had difficulty deciding the path I wanted to endure to find success. I decided to start off in Chaffey College in order to explore what I felt passionate about. After three years of attending Chaffey I decided to participate in the student government organization. This was the epiphany that marked the commencement of my interest in becoming a student leader. Now here I am ready to address the issues of my fellow peers and fight for our right to quality education.


  Corey Stevens

My name is Corey Stevens and I am a Computer Information Systems major here at Chaffey. I am a full time student and a strong politically minded person; following politics and policy are spare time hobbies of mine. I am married with five children ranging in ages from 6 to 12. My goal as your student senator is to assist the student body in any way I can to have the best possible outcome from your experience here at Chaffey. Please feel free to stop me at any time and speak to me about your concerns or ideas for our campus.

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