The IPOD Shuffle is part of Apple’s IPOD family and is used strictly for audio playback of alternate media such as e-books or class lectures. Features basic volume, fast forward, rewind and pause controls. Headphones are needed for listening.

Description: IPOD Shuffle

Sony MP3/CD/CDR is another digital audio player that will also play common audio CD’s. Primary use is for e-book playback. Headphones are required for listening. This device has common CD related controls such as rewind, fast forward, pause and volume.

Description: Sony Walkman MP3/CD

Olympus VN-722PC Voice Recorders The VN series is the perfect solution to record your voice, reminders, notes or just about anything. With its highly-distinctive large LCD screen and speaker, the front panel is designed to be familiar and convenient.  The large diameter microphone records sound from all directions with less background noise providing clearer recordings. The recorder also eliminates breathing sounds which makes this recorder perfect for dictation.  The built-in stand attached to the back of the body props up the recorder so the display can be viewed and buttons are accessed more easily. The stand also contributes to high quality recording by reducing the noise emitted directly from the surface.

Description: Sony Walkman MP3/CD

The Victor Stream is designed for professionals and students; it's essential for reading complex and highly structured books like textbooks, reference works and school manuals. It also has advanced functionality such as skipping instantly to a specific page and placing multiple bookmarks. 


The Williams Listening Device is designed to bring the speakers voice to the listener's ear. This device is perfect for lecture halls, fieldtrips, or such places where it is hard to hear for the student.

Description: Williams Listening Device

The WinKing keyboard is a large size alternative. The benefit of this keyboard is that it allows students to control both keyboard and mouse functions, so it's great for students who have difficulty maneuvering a standard mouse.

Description: WinKing

The Maltron Single finger or Head/Mouth stick keyboard has a unique shape and keyboard layout. The shape matches head movement and the key arrangement minimizes finger or stick activity, raising speed and relieving frustration.

Description: Maltron Keyboard/Mouth Stick


Dragon Naturally Speaking [user guide] enables continuous dictation into many applications including Microsoft Word and Outlook, with the shortest training time of any speech recognition software. Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 also enables listening to a recording of your dictation which is very useful for editing after dictation and there is also text-to-speech playback of most text on the computer, including what you have created.

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JAWS® [user guide] for Windows works with the PC to provide access to today's software applications and the Internet. With its internal software speech synthesizer and the computer's sound card, information from the screen is read aloud, providing technology to access a wide variety of information, education and job related applications. JAWS also outputs to refreshable Braille displays, providing unmatched Braille support of any screen reader on the market.

Description: K:\New Folder\JAWS.JPG

MAGic [user guide] provides great magnification features that work well with the screen reading capabilities of JAWS. It gives you the ability to choose the information you want read from the screen as you navigate your applications.

Description: K:\New Folder\magic.JPG

Kurzweil 3000 [user guide] is the premiere reading, writing, and learning software solution for struggling students. It is widely recognized as the most comprehensive and integrated solution for addressing language and literacy difficulties and accessibility.

Description: Kurzweil 3000


Read&Write Gold [user guide] for PC is perfect desktop solutions for individuals of all ages and abilities. Read&Write Gold's customizable toolbar provides reading, writing, studying, and research support tools within familiar applications (i.e. Word, Google Docs, IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Adobe Reader).

 Benefits of Read&Write Gold:

■Improves Reading Fluency and Comprehension

■Facilitates Research, Writing, Studying, and Test       Taking

■Integrates with Mainstream Applications

■Encourages Independence and Inclusion

■Supports Common Core State Standards

■Provides UDL Tools that Benefit ALL Students    across all RTI Tiers

■Prepares Students for Success in College and Careers


The Orion TI-34 Talking Scientific Calculator is a voice output calculator designed for individuals who are blind or have low vision or learning disabilities. A modified version of the Texas Instruments TI-34 scientific calculator, the Orion TI-34 vocalizes each key that is pressed and reads displayed answers in a clear, natural voice. It has over 95 scientific functions, including statistics, trigonometry, and Boolean logic. A Learning Mode allows users to locate and identify any key even in the middle of a calculation, without interrupting the calculation. This calculator comes with an impact-resistant plastic cover, an earphone, a manual in large print and on cassette and toll-free telephone technical support. POWER: Uses rechargeable batteries (included) or an adapter, which is included and which doubles as a battery charger.

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The BigKeys LX keyboard is for anyone who needs large keys in order to locate and operate the keys.

·      1-inch-square keys on a standard sized keyboard.

·      Key order can be configured as standard QWERTY or ABC order.

·      Full featured keyboard, with all punctuation, functions keys, etc.

·      Native USB keyboard - no adapter required.

                           Description: C:\Documents and Settings\pos.user\Desktop\equipment used in the tech lab\Big Keys Keyboard.gif

The SmartView Versa Plus takes the functionality of a 15x handheld CCTV electronic magnifier with a large 4.3 widescreen color LCD and multiple high-contrast modes, and adds the ability to save images, listen to music and watch movies. The Versa Plus is unlike any electronic magnifier you've ever seen. The autofocus function lets you hold the Versa at the optimal distance from the object and your eyes. Rest it on the page, use the writing stand or flip out the handle for optimal viewing. Plus, the Versa Plus utilizes an SD memory card system that allows you to download and play audio and video files. You can even connect it to your TV for maximum magnification.

                                                   Description: C:\Documents and Settings\pos.user\Desktop\equipment used in the tech lab\SmartView Versa +.JPG

The SmartView Synergy SI magnifies and enlarges text, objects and actions, delivering superior image quality with true, vivid colors. Its powerful camera reproduces 300% more pixels than conventional CCTVs to provide a visual experience that is three times clearer.  In addition, regardless of the material being viewed, the Synergy SI offers a wider field of vision to easily display a document’s full width.  This optimal reading helps with smoother, crisper images and true reproduction of colors makes an extraordinary viewing experience

Quickly switch from full-color image to text in 16 enhanced contrast modes to enhance reading.

·      Positive and negative combinations

·      Blue on White

·      Blue on Yellow

·      Black on Yellow

·      Black on Purple

·      Black on Blue

·      Black on Orange

·      Black on Green

                                         Description: C:\Documents and Settings\pos.user\Desktop\equipment used in the tech lab\SmartviewSynergy.jpg

The compact and lightweight ONYX™ Deskset XL 17 features a camera mounted on a rotating arm to a 17-inch flat panel monitor. 

The easy-to-use ONYX Deskset XL is an ideal portable low vision solution for clear, powerful magnification. It fits in any classroom, business, or home environment and moves quickly from one viewing situation to the next.

The ONYX Deskset XL produces precise magnification in three distinct viewing modes. Distance mode magnified objects from across large rooms or auditoriums. Document mode magnifies items such as reading materials, diagrams, and craft projects. Self-view gives you a magnified true mirror image close up.

The telescoping camera arm of the ONYX Deskset XL provides working space under the camera and a vantage point for distance viewing. It collapses for compact transport.

                                       Description: C:\Documents and Settings\pos.user\Desktop\equipment used in the tech lab\ONYX-deskset-XL.jpg                          

The PEARL Portable Reading Solution:

The PEARL® brings blind and low vision users instant portable access to printed material with an array of human-sounding voices. The folding camera deploys in seconds to connect to your PC and snap a picture of your reading material.  With so many features for those with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other causes of low vision, you can:

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